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I am about 800 hours in to my first RN position as an emergency nurse. While I was working late last night and juggling 5 patients of moderate acuity including a ETOH withdraw, a ?perfed ERCP, a PE,... Read More

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    I hope this thread continues to be positive. I am personally getting tired of reading the negative ones about nursing. Not that I want to deny that there are dark moments to this profession, but for someone like me who has just started his 1st job in nursing, I don't want to be going to work only thinking about things that burned-out nurses say. I am lucky to be working with a good group of nurses, ones that have actually made me think that working on a med-surg floor is not all that bad.
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    So inspiring, Nursing is not a merely Profession, it requires compassion and patience in order for you to become an effective care giver. these should be a reminder for some aspiring Nurses.

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    I did what I loved, and I loved what I did.
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    Yay! I'm so glad you made this thread because I'm a new grad too, 4 months into my job, and I LOVE it! I've been wanting to share just how honestly blessed and I happy I am but with all the negative posts and new grads not finding a job I was afraid it'd look like I was rubbing it in lol. I work with the best group of nurses who are amazing and so welcoming and helpful. I'm never afraid to ask for help as I know they have my back! I'm learning so much every day too, its awesome! I took a leap of faith and moved 700 miles from my family to a city I had never been to before for this job so I feel incredibly lucky that everything is working out so well. Congrats to you and your good fortune too!

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