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I am about 800 hours in to my first RN position as an emergency nurse. While I was working late last night and juggling 5 patients of moderate acuity including a ETOH withdraw, a ?perfed ERCP, a PE,... Read More

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    I remember working in the early stages of my career and all the bizarre and upseting things you were exposed to. Life is truly fragile. A 72 year old blind man shot to death by police because he was waving a pistol around wildly firing off rounds. A dead baby brought in by her mom after she had suffocated in bed...We did cpr for a long period of time to bring some peace to the family. The 39 year old man dying of a heart attack when he thought he had a cold and the wife there waiting. People going wild on various combinations of drugs and having to tie them to bed to keep them from harming themselves or us. Shootouts in the staircases..and this was in a rural area...Working in the er makes everything else boring but you do learn to enjoy helping people in regular med surg once you get the hang of it. A hospital is not the normal place for anyone to be and so you always have an aura of excitement.

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    I am about 800 hours in to my first RN position as an emergency nurse. While I was working late last night and juggling 5 patients of moderate acuity including a ETOH withdraw, a ?perfed ERCP, a PE, a chemical splash to eyes, and a renal colic. Between assessing them and running orders I took a second and thought man, I love this.

    I work with an amazing team of nurses, both new and with 25+ years behind them. Every single nurse is a joy to work with. I am so grateful they take the time to teach me, and I feel like I contribute to the team.

    Work is so infinitely better than school. The paychecks are nice too!

    It's even nicer being juuuuust a little more familiar with the place than the new residents, so that I actually seemed knowledgeable when they asked for help

    Do you love your job too?

    Let's spread a little happiness today!
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    As a student starting the RN program this fall, it is so refreshing to read about a positive work experience!! I understand that people need to vent and nursing is not all peaches and cream but it makes me feel better that there are Nurses out there that enjoy their job!!!
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    Quote from britney705
    i mean i know that nursing is not an easy job and that it does comes with a lot of negatives but it's good to hear someone place emphasis on the positives. it reminds me why i want to do this. congratulations on your new found happiness!!
    britney, you're right, nursing is not an easy job, but the rewards are there, if you take the time to see and appreciate them, otherwise, this too will be just another thankless job, from which you'll soon burn out. i know you didn't ask for it, but i have over thirty years on this job, so i take a few liberties now and then, and one of them is giving unsolicited advice when it comes to nursing. i would advise you to take a long hard look at your career choice before you commit to something in which you are already seeing the negatives. you are taking a wise road; by going the path of lpn to rn, you are seeing what is in store for you and what others in the field must go through at the same time. it will give you a respect for them that others may not have since you will have been in their shoes at one time. i know it isn't easy, but i would encourage you to stay the course, as some of the best nurses i have ever known and the finest nurses i have ever had the privilege of working along side of have been those who have taken the same path you are currently on. along this path you get not only expertise you get from the rn program but you also get the practical experience by being an lpn, but are lacking in so many of the rn's programs. things you just cannot learn from a book. practical experience in dealing with the patients, lpn's spend more time with the patient's than rn's tend to, one on one doing dressing changes, hs care, baths whatever, depending on the shift and whatever floor or specialty unit and/or if lpn's are even utilized in the unit. many hospitals have done away with lpn's altogether, which i think is a fatal error on their part, but they didn't call and ask me, so. it is your life and your future britney, be certain before you invest so much of your time and energy into it. i personally think it is absolutely worth it, but when i started, i had a completely different kind of motivation.
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    I hope this thread continues to be positive. I am personally getting tired of reading the negative ones about nursing. Not that I want to deny that there are dark moments to this profession, but for someone like me who has just started his 1st job in nursing, I don't want to be going to work only thinking about things that burned-out nurses say. I am lucky to be working with a good group of nurses, ones that have actually made me think that working on a med-surg floor is not all that bad.
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    So inspiring, Nursing is not a merely Profession, it requires compassion and patience in order for you to become an effective care giver. these should be a reminder for some aspiring Nurses.

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    I did what I loved, and I loved what I did.
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    Yay! I'm so glad you made this thread because I'm a new grad too, 4 months into my job, and I LOVE it! I've been wanting to share just how honestly blessed and I happy I am but with all the negative posts and new grads not finding a job I was afraid it'd look like I was rubbing it in lol. I work with the best group of nurses who are amazing and so welcoming and helpful. I'm never afraid to ask for help as I know they have my back! I'm learning so much every day too, its awesome! I took a leap of faith and moved 700 miles from my family to a city I had never been to before for this job so I feel incredibly lucky that everything is working out so well. Congrats to you and your good fortune too!

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