I don't like being a nurse anymore

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    I started orientation 8 weeks ago. At first I loved it, it's horrible now. It's a medical psych unit with 14 beds, ratio 1-4 or 5. My preceptor is a great nurse, has tons of experience. There are times my preceptor has gone out of her way to make me feel stupid. One time a pt who was dehydrated didn't have their fluids hooked up, she waits until almost the end of a 12 hour shift to bring it up. Some days she just sits at the nurse station and calls me about everything. It seems as though she's only being my preceptor for the money. She usually picks up extra shifts on the days we're not working. I've been crying the last two days, I feel like I should be looking for another job. Help, advice is welcome.
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    Go to the manager and ask for a different preceptor. That is negligent on the part of the preceptor to not inform you of fluids not running until the end of the shift if she knew about it...if it was her patient, she was responsible.
    Or, if you think that you could handle it by now, ask to come off orientation.
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    I have three more weeks of orientation and I'll be with another preceptor. I had a meeting with my preceptor and manager the other day, and of course all of the issues were my fault. There are three other new grads orientating on my unit also, and it's been said that my performance isn't at the level of the other new grads. As if its a competition.
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    Im sorry to hear about this experience. Hang in there!!! Let us know of any updates!
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    A LOT of nurses go though this. I cried every day I went home during my orientation. Suck it up, get through it, and don't let anyone make you feel stupid. Just smile and do what she says....this will be over and you will be on your own soon. Also, examine if she is really trying to be mean or just pointing out areas to improve. Sometimes it is difficult to accept criticism, even if it is helpful. Hang in there and don't sweat the small stuff....you will look back on this and realize how little it matters in the grand scheme of your career.
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    Things are getting a little better, although I have been with the preceptor a few days since then. I've decided not to let her get to me. She's the type of person that focuses on every little detail, it's hard enough as a new nurse to get into the habit of caring for a group of patients for 12 hours. The preceptor I'm going to be with for the next couple of weeks is awesome!!
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    That happened to me during orientation. The first few weeks I had a preceptor who left me feeling like an idiot. The last couple weeks I had one who was great! Been on my own for 5 weeks now and I'm doing great and love my job! Hang in there!
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    you say she is a great nurse, great nurses to not "eat their young!" as a RN with over 30 years of experience I can tell you felling frustrated and some what inadequate as a new grad is expected. I still have days when i feel like that. Hang in there! Set goals for yourself and what you like to accomplish during your shift. Your preceptor should have daily and weekly goals for you. Regarding the fluid issue that's crap!!! she should have touched bases with you regarding the pt. Glad your new preceptor is a better fit for you. Just hand in
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