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I just surpassed my one year mark last week, so technically not my first year anymore but I still feel very much like a new grad so I hope I am welcome to keep posting here for a long time! I was... Read More

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    I also wanted to add that in Ohio, they required at least 2 years of experience before being charge. At least at the hospitals I worked/had clinicals at.
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    I started being rotated through charge on nights after a year, I think it was. We have an official charge nurse class but I never took it.
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    I get a whole 50cents more/ hr to be charge. Totally not worth it to me.
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    Quote from obizyanka
    I get a whole 50cents more/ hr to be charge. Totally not worth it to me.
    For us, it is $1. I agree, some nights it just isn't worth it. At all.
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    Our charge nurses don't take patients, they just changed the policy. It has made a world of difference.
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    It was about 15 months for me before I was put into the charge role... they needed someone for the weekends, and I'm a weekender. I am not *always* charge, which is a relief - becuase I LOVE bedside care.

    We do carry one to two patients as Charge nurse, but they are "charge" patients, and are typically super easy, little to no meds, etc.

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