How much did you earn your first year?

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    Hello, I am interested in nursing and am currently getting my 2 yr degree to be an RN. I am really interested in how much do the nurses make because some people say they make good money and others say they do not.

    How much did you approx. make your first year/ or how much are you going to make and where do you live?

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    i am starting at 30.58/hour plus 4.50 for my night shift diff in the northern new jersey area, if you wanna know specifically for your area, you should make this post in the state you place to work in
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    Depending on the area and specialty the amount can vary. I am in Ohio and work in a psych unit. I make 26.00 an hour for that unit. I make 24.00-28 an hour in a LTCF depending on the day.
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    I live in Florida. I'm asking, how much does a nurse make straight after finishing nursing school for an RN?
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    I'm a new grad... And how much am I getting paid?

    Less than I'm worth. Approximately $21.00 an hour. That being said, I'm at the other side of the world compared to most of you...
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    I just got offered a job in Telemetry in Los Angeles, CA. I will be getting paid $31/hr with $4.5 night shift differential.
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    I started working as a new grad. in a rather low income area & started at $24.05 an hour, but I would have gladly taken a dollar less if the unit had a permanent PCT or another nurse.
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    I graduated in May and started working in June of this year, so far, my year to date earnings are $27,345.00.
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    After taxes, and I don't have insurance (thanks hubbers) premiums, my check is around $1200-$1300 every two weeks. Thats for around 36 hr/week. I worked one extra day for 5 hours and my check went to $1500.
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    starting pay around my area is 17.50..

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