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I am a new grad and today was my last day of orientation. I was upset a few weeks ago because they wanted me to do another week on days before switching to nights. I tried to tell them I felt ready, but they had made up their... Read More

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    Head up, shoulders back and brain on. It's hard to hear that sometimes we aren't perfect, especially when we survived nursing school, passed boards and got a job (while others can't). You clearly are a stong new grad- it's time to believe in yourself and commit every minute in the hospital to doing your best. You can do.
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    I got off orientation the same day you did. My first solo flight will be on my next shift this weekend. My orientation was also extended by 2 weeks previously, and I embraced it. Do I feel 100% ready? No, of course not. But the umbilical cord had to be cut sometime! Go with the flow. I know I will.
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    Things going "fine" and yet needing improvement are not contradictory. There are few nurses who don't need improvement in one area or another. You can be doing just fine for where you are, which is a totally inexperienced, fresh new grad. That means they expect you to need help, expect you to be imperfect and expect you to be ready to take feedback and use it to improve your performance.

    You really are doing "fine". Extended orientation is not something to be ashamed of, though I can understand it might feel humiliating and be easy to twist in your mind into "they think I suck". Believe me, if you were not doing well, you'd already be gone. There are people with their noses against the window looking for opportunities like yours. You are doing fine. You just need more experience and time. Take it. Learn from it. Grow.
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    Do you chart on the computer? If so, try to get your assessments in right after each pt assessment instead of leaving it for catch up later. The first few weeks of being on your own can be rough, hang in there !
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    Closing per OP request.

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