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I apologize in advance, this is a long one - but I would really appreciate some advise from anyone who might be able to offer it. I am a new nurse. Before graduating from school I was working as a nurse tech on a specialty floor... Read More

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    When I was a tech I cleaned pts, helped with adl's, put in foleys, draw blood, turned pts, floated bony prominences, acted as a sitter for 1 on 1s, trache care, mouthcare for vented pts, bathed pts, these were the main things. On occasion, with a nurses who really wanted to teach or trusted me, put in iv's, wound care on pressure ulcers/superficial wounds, assist in procedures. Also, the respiratory therapist would let me help out and taught me a thing or two about Ventilators. I also assisted in a ton of codes.

    Hope this helps...

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    "So what is an anesthesia tech? I have never heard of this before.[/QUOTE]"

    Ash81386 -There is a LOT more to this job but in a nut shell I basically help the Anesthesiologists and CRNAs all day. Help with intubation, troubleshoot any problems with the Anesthesia machines...blah blah blah. I love it but it is busy, busy work.

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