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I apologize in advance, this is a long one - but I would really appreciate some advise from anyone who might be able to offer it. I am a new nurse. Before graduating from school I was working as a nurse tech on a specialty floor... Read More

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    I don't know how you can tell you hate your job after just one day. If the manager and coworkers are great, it sounds like a great job. Suck it up, learn all you can and then see where you are in six months. Could be that THIS is your dream job, if you just let yourself experience it. Or maybe not. But if you've got to work where you are for six months, you might as well make up your mind to enjoy it as much as you can. And that IS a choice.
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    I started a position in a State Psych Hospital last Monday and already know it is not for me. I loved Psych and all the Psych patients I had at clinicals, but just not at this capacity. I dont like constantly worrying if someones gonna try to hit me or kill me or have a weapon brought in from a family member. Its just not a safe environment and not very secure. I have accepted a position at the local VA on med surg. I worked in a ICU as a tech for 3 years and I am really missing that environment right now. Im hoping the med surg will make me feel back to normal because Psych is not for me. Also I guess ER isnt either lol. So in my short nursing career I realize Psych, ER, and Burn are not for my personality. Maybe you are realizing it too. Try looking for another position elsewhere. Life is too short to be unhappy.
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    I feel I am suffering from a lack of information. Did I read that what the OP saw made her feel sick? My immediate thought was some sort of cancer or trauma area. I did not catch what type of area was the dream area. I think those two factors may have some relevance in the decision. After many GI bleeds I still wanted to vomit every time I smelled that smell as I cleaned up a code brown of black tar. If I had to do that every day for 6 months, I know I could not. If it is just so different from the previous area give it time.

    I once took a job and a week later my "dream job" was posted. I applied and was told I was not eligible due to the 6 months rule. I ended up loving my job. It was a much better job for me that what I thought was the dream job.

    The old pro and con list will help identify things you can handle for 6 months and things that are not in your make up.
    Good luck sorting.
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    Since you have someone pulling for you I would say apply for the one you want. Talk to the recruiter about how you feel, also talk to your current supervisor so she isn't out of the loop.
    I'm sorry you feel so horrible. I know what it's like to hate every minute of your job.
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    Just curious, what kind of work did you do as an ICU tech? I didn't think they let techs work in ICU. Anyway, I feel your pain. I tried working on med-surg and I hated it... WAS. NOT. MY. THING! Luckily, I got hired on to work as an Anesthesia tech. Love it!

    Keep us updated on what you decide.
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    Mr.DNP23 I worked as an ICU tech for 2 years as well. On our unit the techs doubled as the unit secretary (ours only worked like M-F 8-5!), so we would admit new patients & put their charts together, set up rooms for new patients, answer phone calls, process all the orders... Then we did tech-type work as well, such as all of the accu checks, turning, bathing/cleaning/linen changes (that is mainly night shift though)

    So what is an anesthesia tech? I have never heard of this before.
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    I left a job that I loved to search out home health and trust me there were days i cried my eyes out and then i came to relize that it was a stepping stone and with all the pain and sorry it caused me for 4 months, i am now back at the job i loved and returning to school in the summer to get my RN so sometimes you have to make the best of the bad for a short peroid of time to get what you want. im sorry its that awful but like you said what other choice do you have?? have you thought about another area in nursing such as LTC?? HH? Get some hours with a staffing agency and search some other areas out, you may find you like something better than the hospital.
    good luck
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    Being a new nurse is always a struggle, especially when you feel like the job you accepted is not a good fit. I was incredibly stressed out when I initially started. I worked on a busy med-surg floor that included ortho and oncology as well. It was absolutely not the job I wanted out of school. I knew I wanted to do ICU, specifically cardiothoracic. I ended up working on med-surg for about 10 mos. and by the end of it, I was so burnt out. I could feel my heart racing when I would ride the elevator up to the floor because I was so worried about what my assignment would be like. Thankfully, I stuck with it for awhile and actually got offered my dream job. You may actually find that, if you stick with the floor you are on, you may gain invaluable experience if you give it a chance. As much as I ended up hating where I was, the staff was great and I really got to hone in on the skills you truly need to practice as a new nurse. If you truly don't think you will gain anything from where you are though, then it may behoove you to get out sooner rather than later. Call HR and explore your options. Good luck!
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    I have problems with dream jobs, like crushes, once you get to know them... they always seem better in your head.

    Best thing is to suck it up, wait six months and transfer. That's all you can really do. You can resign, find a different job but good luck getting a job on the same hospital afterwards.

    Reality is we are always presented with things we don't like, things we don't want to do, and things we think we cannot handle. It's how a person deals with these things that matter in the end. We cannot give up just because day one is bad, we cannot give up just because we don't have our dream position... instead, we fight and strive to get what we want.

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