CHOC RN Residency June 2017

  1. Hi all! I was wondering who else is applying to the CHOC New Grad program for the June 2017 cohort. I've been checking the website and nothing has opened up. Anyhow, let's keep each other updated here and good luck to all my fellow new grads!
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  3. by   Carpiogirl1
    I have been checking as well. I believe last year people started applying mid March.
  4. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    Hello! I was planning on applying in June as well. I have been informed by classmates who are choc employees that there is a possibility of this cohort being postponed or moved back because they are saturated with new grads. Disappointing possibility, but I wanted to pass along the info.
  5. by   Carpiogirl1
    This is disappointing . Thanks for letting us know.
  6. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    You never know though! I will continue to look until I know for sure.