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Didn't see a thread for this yet so here it is. I believe the application is still open, despite supposedly capping it at 200 applicants. Anyone else here apply? Not sure if I missed something... Read More

  1. by   jewels08
    Quote from hhh09
    If you don't hear back from HR today, I recommend that you contact them about it again tomorrow and hopefully, they'll extend the one-way interview deadline for you because it is due by 11:59 pm tonight.
    I would assume since it's a Sunday HR doesnt work? But i will hopefully hear back tomorrow and can get it. I've heard of multiple people not getting the video interview email so I'm not sure what the issue is lol
  2. by   FiddleLeaf
    Hey. I took the tests. They take a long time, but don't be nervous! If you haven't gone into the link yet, do so. This will not start the test, but it will allow you to collect information. They give you a study guide for the Pharm and Med Surge tests. They are extremely helpful. The other tests are weird. One is a timed (7 min) SAT style test with word assosiation (banana is to fruit as ___ is to Tree) and random math question like "if you bought 3 pencils for a nickle, how many pencils can you get for $7". 2 tests are rating the "trueness" of the sentence ex:"I have never stolen from work" and then there is a video quiz where you watch a video and have to choose the best and worst response to the situation.

    I am going to do the interview now... are there any pointers to the questions??? Someone said it was NOT what they were expecting, but didn't elaborate, so I'm super nervous. HALP!
  3. by   jewels08
    Hey everyone!
    I just spoke with Olivia from HR and she said that if you got the assessment link, you should have received the interview link as well. She asked me to share the message that you should email her at Olivia.Saavedra@cshs.or to get the link for the interview . Or call HR at 310.423.5458!
  4. by   Ms Nurse Jackie
    I also did the interview and assessments. Does anyone know when we will get any news?
  5. by   hhh09
    Quote from Ms Nurse Jackie
    I also did the interview and assessments. Does anyone know when we will get any news?
    I'm also wondering the same thing, but I think we'll hear back by the end of today or by the end of next week.