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while reading the posts, it seems that a lot of the people having a hard time finding jobs are nurses with associate degrees. i'm just wondering if new grad nurses with bsn degrees are having the... Read More

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    Quote from mnf4ever
    For me, its the opposite. A lot of ADN's in my area are getting all the RN jobs. I'm not sure why, maybe because hospitals can pay them less. Seems like my BSN is worth less than the paper it's printed on!! They say they prefer BSN's, but in reality why are all the ADN's getting jobs?? Sorry if I sound just a bit bitter...

    In most places there is very little pay difference between BSN and ASN.

    In DFW both types of graduates are having an equally difficult time finding work. A few hospitals say BSN preferred and the hospital I am an extern at recently made their scholarship program (where they pay for school in return for a work commitment after graduation) something only BSN candidates can recieve. However, I am currently an ASN student and got the scholarship from them last year. They are re-upping for Magnet status, so I assume that has something to do with the change.

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