Attention New Grads- Pinning Ceremony Question

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    I have a question to the May 2009 graduates. I am the president of my nursing class, and we are preparing for our pinning ceremony in 2 weeks. What does your school do special for pinning? Do you light lamps, have a speaker, give awards, sing a song, etc...You get my drift? I am trying to figure out something special and unique to include in our program. Let me know what you guys know or have heard of.

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    Our ceremony is called the White Tea ceremony. I don't know if we drink it, anoint ourselves in it, or what though. I'll get back to you when I do...
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    My daughter's class officers did everything for their ceremony. They had lamps and candles, speakers, I think a little reception, a program. I know there were flowers, but I don't know if they were part of the ceremony or if family members brought them. Of course, you should have someone read a piece about good ol' Flo and the story behind nursing and the lamp and such. And they gave gifts to nursing instructors. When I get a chance, I'll ask my daughter if I left anything out.
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    Check and see what past years have done. There may be a tradition with your program you will want to include. For us, we have a guest speaker, present each student with a rose after they are pinned, then everyone says the pledge together. Everyone wears white (either new scrubs or a dress). The whole ceremony is just over an hour. Hope that helps.
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    We have a student from our class speak and we also choose a professor to speak at our pinning ceremony. After the pinning there is a slide show of pictures throughout our four years in nursing school that some of the people in our class put together. Besides the tiny reception after that is the extent of our pinning ceremony.
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    We have an outside speaker (chosen by the graduating class), student names are called and are pinned by the Dean, and the class officers present all graduates with a rose. We dispensed with lamp/candles/flames a few years ago (fire marshall concerns). The ceremony ends with all RNs in attendance (graduates, faculty, and family members who are RNs) reading the International Council of Nursing pledge. We invite the RN-BSN graduates to take part in pinning too.

    We hold pinning in the evening before graduation. We usually have 500+ attending (graduating class is a little over 100).
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    we all gathered and gave a plaque with our names to the Nursing Director, the most influential teachers and the class president. along with bouquet of flowers to other staff members.
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    hi, in our pinning ceremony dec 08, we did the following:-

    - we all provided photos taken during our time in nursing, made a slide show..and we all voted for the song to go all with it.
    - we voted our outstanding faculty member...and bought a gife and flowered for him.(one student presented the gift)(
    -we voted most outstanding sutdent and did the same.(one faculty member presented gift)
    -we choose another student to give a speech, regarding Flo.nightgale, and nursing.
    -one faculty member whom we choose, gave speech..and us as a class...we had her as an instructor for two semesters.
    -One student sang a song....
    _last but not least ofcourse we lit were pinned,lit our lamps and said our nursing vow..

    Best of luck hope this help, there are many other things you as a class can do, but also the faculty member incharge of the ceremony should be able to help you better.

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    Thank you guys so much for your help, these are some really great ideas. You have given me a lot to work with. It seems like a lot of the ceremonies share some of the same trends- speaker, lamps, pinning, etc. We were planning on including a picture slide show, and I like the idea of presenting the instructors with an award. Keep the ideas coming!
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    From what you have written, I suppose it must be joint effort of whole class, my class also would be having a pinning ceremony in couple of months. It is just a private affair of few handful of students from class whom the class representative knows. She and her friends would be organizing everything and the rest of class is totally uninvolved. The rest of the class would be sitting there not knowing what to do. Even most of the teachers know these students only. The whole lighting lamp,singing song is a big show off event for these students only. The rest of class looks like bunch of strangers sitting there and making fool of themselves.

    I hope your group is not like that.

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