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Hi all!! :nurse: I am a new grad ready to start my new job soon, however had a question for you, the recruiter called me and asked if I wanted all nights or day/night mix shift.... I have no experience so wondering... Read More

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    I was a zombie when I was on Day/Night. I had thought, "Cool, I'll always have evenings free."

    I didn't have evenings free. Every day was spent trying to get sleep or stressing over not having enough sleep.

    I switched to Day/Eve. Much better.
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    When I was a new grad I work 3 12hrs Night shift 7pm-730am. I really enjoyed it working three days a week and still getting paid pretty good. Now that I am an NP now that hours have changed. That is no shock to me that they gave you those hours to pick from because your a New Grad. Don't worry it will change in time to pick your hours..Good Luck!
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    Straight nights.
    I worked a job as an LVN where I could end up doing day shift, swing or night shift. It was a nightmare.... I was a zombie, I was paranoid about making errors so even when I would go home and sleep I couldn't. Sleep was just always so far behind. I honestly don't remember that time frame very well because I was so sleep deprived.
    Studies have been done and the results indidcated that if you do shift work, try very hard to keep the same schedule, anything else is too grueling on your body.
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    Working rotating sucks...we did it years ago, 2 weeks on night, 2 weeks on days...and we worked 5 days a week which really was bad, esp if you only had one day off between nights and days. You will find a straight shift much more bearable. And the 8 hours shift, 11-7, go pretty fast after working 12's lol
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    I've been on permanent nights since I started working. I'd say go for nights. Day night mix is harder on the body. Also nights usually pays a good premium.
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    NewgradRN, for sleeping during the day, invest in blackout curtains. Any dark curtains will do. Try white noise or earplugs (I like earplugs), and turn your phone off. It is extremely important to get proper sleep during the day, and eat healthy meals. I would also recommend 1000-2000 units of vitamin D every day.
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    I agree with posters....take all nights. Your body has a hard time flipping back and forth, and once you get used to nights, you will LOVE it!! I've done a mix, straight nights and straight days, and I will say that straight nights always was the best!
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    Thanks for all the advice! I will def buy the dark curtains and probably try the earplugs tho I am always afraid I might not hear my alarm clock ring with them on haha...
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    The earplugs block out annoying back ground noises, but you can still hear. I hear my alarm going off just fine with them in.
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    I wouldn't want to try to switch back and forth, myself, but I have a friend who does it at the VA and somehow she manages. I'd be a total zombie.
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