Who else is waiting on a CPNE date

  1. I applied and my app became complete April 4th for SPAC and I am still waiting. I bounced between SPAC and NPAC and decided on SPAC. Just wanted to start a thread and see who all is waiting with me. Please post when you get your date applied and when you get your date and which region, maybe the wait won't be too much longer for any of us.
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  3. by   SWilson213
    All documents accepted March 29. Applied for SPAC. Said I would go to any site in south. Ready date June 18th and STILL waiting for date.
  4. by   Aliakey
    Completed application marked on April 22, and aiming for MPAC (Lubbock, to be exact). Not expecting a test date for a long while.

    One of my Excelsior messages stated that it'll take about 3 months to receive a test date once the completed application has been received by the RPAC. So, until then, I have the CPNE guide open, Mr. Nylons-n-pillow-stuffing manikin pathetically-draped over a rickety table, and just received my skills bag. Lots of studying time ahead

    Good thing we're not required to send in a picture of our in-home skills stations for grading, lol! Good luck to ya!
  5. by   Elektra6
    Got my date for NPAC in a week, Albany of course. I think they have the most spots. My ready date was July 1, date given was Sept 14! Not bad.
  6. by   wintersantanaRN
    I'm waiting, I submitted my CPNE app this morning and an hour later I got a email that all my documents are accepted. I applied at both Madison WI sites with a ready date of 8/6/12
  7. by   BostonNurse2876
    Elektra, I gotalbany as well...but not till 9/28,my ready date was 8/24..I refused Syracuse for 8/24
  8. by   jbeanmi
    All document accepted 8/5 for MPAC. Still waiting for date. I said I would take either Madison sites or Mansfield.