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Hi Everyone, Nothing like waiting till the last day for feedback. Taking the Transitions exam tomorrow. I scored 72% on Practice Exam A and 61% on Practice Exam B. Going over, and over, each... Read More

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    Eh.. I passed.. got a C too.. blagh

    But you got higher scores on the practice exams then I did which means you should be fine! Or so I hear.. lol.. Let us know how u did!

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    Great job!
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    agree with the previous poster, definitely purchase and take the practice exams, they really help!
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    Do you actually STUDY FIRST OR SCHEDULE THE TEST? How frequent are you planning to test?
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    Quote from brown eyed girl
    Do you actually STUDY FIRST OR SCHEDULE THE TEST? How frequent are you planning to test?
    I scheduled my exams so that I'd have a deadline, then I studied until test day.
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    Good Morning to All:

    I'm take Transitions to the Professional Nurse Role this morning at ten:15 at one of the pearsonvue testing centers here in south Jersey. Kind of nervous and just want to get it over with already. I completed the online practice exam last month and totally blew it badly. Sometimes, from past experiences of taking the online practice exams this usually happens so I don't always judge how I may actually score on the real exam. Anyways, I'll post my results when I've completed my exam.
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    VJL74 I am studying for the test now. What study guide would you recommend and thoughts on study plan?
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    On my test, I had a lot and I mean a lot of "select all" questions.
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    I'm currently studying for that exam too . I using EC practice exam and study group 101 . Taking exam on October 6 wish me luck
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    don't worry, a C is passing ! congrats!

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