Transfer of Excelsior credits to BSN program

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    Question for anyone who has completed the Excelsior ADN program and then moved on to a BSN program: did your credits transfer or did you have to retake several of the prereq's? The reason I ask is because the micro and a&p courses don't have labs but the BSN programs I have looked into require a lab component with the science courses.

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    I've noticed that too, and finally decided to just stick with Excelsior for my BSN to avoid the problem. I'm not far into the program, so I'd be curious what others have to say.
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    sorry for the late response, but I've spent countless hours researching online bsn programs, and it comes down to this: the program either requires a nursing degree and license, or it requires the degree/license AND specific pre-req's. if they require specific pre-req's you're out. if they don't, you're in. unfortunately I didn't keep a list, but as an example, texas tech wants specific pre-req's and alderson-broaddus just wants the degree/license.
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    Thanks for responding. Since I passed the CPNE I've been looking into the different rn to bsn programs and have found 3 (cleveland state, Louisiana at lafayette, and univ of Cincinnati) that will accept those labless sciences. And all 3 can be completed in a yearish.
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    are you talking about ?
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    That's the one
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    I don't think that one will work. the 2012-2013 catalog requires quite a bit.

    you have to be an ohio rn, graduate from an ohio school (or it can be evaluated for out of state), plus this (shortened) list of pre-req's:

    Prerequisite Courses for R.N. Students
    BIO 264 - Introductory Microbiology
    BIO 265 - Introductory Microbiology Lab
    BIO 266 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I
    BIO 267 - Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
    BIO 268 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II
    BIO 269 - Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
    CHM 251 - College Chemistry I
    CHM 256 - College Chemistry Lab I
    CHM 252 - College Chemistry II
    CHM 257 - College Chemistry Lab II
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    I already have the stats and chems from my fire science degree. I sent all my transcripts to the adviser and all the excelsior sciences were approved without the labs. I even questioned her when I got the approval. It's strange since their prereq list specifically states the labs. Oh well, good for me I guess.
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    I had a spreadsheet of BSN programs! Ended up with Chamberlain and enjoyed it, but I don't recommend that one unless you have a fairly healthy tuition reimbursement from an employer -- it's very pricey. My second runner-up was the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. They were fine with my EC sciences, but I would have needed chemistry. Online RN to BSN Completion Program: A Professional Program in Nursing - University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
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