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    Is there anyone out there looking for a study buddy who lives in or near the Albany NY area? I am studying for the excelsior a & p exam right now.

    Thanks you,

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    I'm in Connecticut studying for my LPN to ASN. I hope to take my CPNE in Albany!
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    Hi, im in CT as well. Im studying for LS3 then hopefully the FCCA and CPNE soon after. How far into the program are you?
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    I plan to take a&p in dec, then on to micro : ( lol. After that i have humanities then 9 nursing tests. So i still have a ways to go lol. How long have you both been enrolled?

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    off topic but i just wanted to say how cute your profile pic is!
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    lol thx brillyd
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    Hello ladies! I'm not actually enrolled yet... I'm procrastinating till I've completed every test I can. Soon, that will only be transitions, I believe. I'm almost finished with prereqs, I just have A&P to go in about a week.

    Sarah, what are you using to study for Micro? I studied for it and took it when I absolutely had to or forfeit the test. I have to say Lisa Arend's helped me a TON. Some of her "Things to know" at the end of her CD was word for word the questions. I'm confident I would have failed without going through those.
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    Quote from R0xyg4l
    I'm in Connecticut studying for my LPN to ASN. I hope to take my CPNE in Albany!
    Hey roxyg41 ... Where in ct r u .. I'm also in ct and I just signed up with this program .. How r their exams ???

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