Straighterline Sociology

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    Sigh, I am taking this class for my Excelsior requirement and I must say it is the most boring read ever! I just cannot hardly make it through the chapters. Oh the other hand, I love the Anatomy and have flow through it with taking 8 exams and a midterm over a couple of days.

    Well, back to Sociology I go.
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    I am going to clep out of it next month and it is a boring read!!! Good luck to you!
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    REA CLEP w/CD intro Sociology...1 week study, then CLEP out.
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    I am doing uexcel. Studying for this is boring. I have audible so i have been listening to the book. we will see what happens next weekend when i test.
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    Can you clep Human Growth and Development?
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    Let me add that sociology is the only class I ever dropped to to pure annoyance. I just thought it was really pointless.
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    I wish I could CLEP it, but I live in such a rural place that it was cheaper to just take the class. I am getting through it, but ugh!
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    Hi, tiredmomof2
    I am taking this with straighterline also, if you want to study someone time online by ovoo or skye let me know cause it is very boring.................i brought the book and i had clep stuff also and cd for it.
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    Thanks rnwandabe, I am plowing ahead. I am almost done! I have 3 more test and the final. At this point and am determined to finish it up this weekend. How far along are you?