Seven down, two to go.

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    Almost there, and I'm ready to be finished. Tests down are Health Safety, Health Differences, Lifespan I, II, and III, Transitions, and LS Developmental Psych. All that's left are Reproductive Health and Chronicity...then on to FCCA and CPNE!

    What started years ago as something I wanted to have done relatively quickly turned into a process that has taken much longer than I could have imagined. My message is simple: don't despair if you're not done in a year, or even two or longer. Life happens when you're busy making other plans, and it's not hard at all to lose sight of a goal, or lose your job, or have health issues. Stay motivated and you can do whatever you set your mind to.

    Best of luck in your studies, everyone.

    It's been awhile
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    Good luck to you! Hang in there!
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    Thank you for the words of encouragement. Best of luck to're almost there
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    There's a saying: "You cannot get to the mountaintop without going first through the valley." Well done!!!
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    Hang in there it's almost over. Good luck
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    cool story! thanx for the encouragement...ive been in this program 2 years...thought i wouldve been finished by ow...but life does happen...but never give up!
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    Quote from vamedic4
    It's been awhile
    It certainly has!!!! Welcome back! So excited to hear about your progress.
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    Congratulations! Its always such an amazing feeling when you know you're almost out of the muck, and ready to start the next leg of the journey, so to speak. No matter how long it takes, or the obstacles, it looks like you've just been pushing ahead, which is a great definition of your own character, and the type of nurse you're going to be. Good luck! Love the quote reference, too
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    Good luck!!!
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    Thanks, EricEnfermero! - Bet you didn't think I'd remember that username. Hope all is well with you, sir.
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