Registered for sept while dealing with hurricane Isaac

  1. I enrolled last july and have been taking exams here and there. I am a mother to 4 beautiful children and one on the way,(boy/girl twins 13 y/o, a 5 y/o boy, a 16 month old boy, and our last, a girl due november 16th). So I am def a busy mom that works part time as a home health nurse to finish excelsior.

    I was thrilled to have finished all of my nursing exams and had my general ed class life span development scheduled to take august 28th to make the requirements for the exam. So of course last weekend I find out that storm isaac was developing into hurricane isaac and heading toward new orleans. We live about 25 minutes from new orleans in laplace la. We decided to evacuate this time since Im pregnant and we had little ones. Mind you this is the first time I have ever left, we stayed during katrina but our area in laplace has never flooded or had any hard damage besides power out. So any who, we left monday night and headed to lake charles la and I found a pearson vue testing center in orange tx to reschedule my last exam. Thank God because all i can think about at this time was finishing so i can be done before this baby girl is born (now in 10-11 weeks left) I took my exam yesterday, thursday and called EC to let them know and be certain that they will have my grade. They said sure.

    So i call EC today after seeing my grade posted under the exam status but wasnt seeing a message stating i am eligible to register. The adviser then scares the **** out of me by saying they are closing today early at 3pm and it is to close to be able to add the grade to the system and post the message........WHATTTT!!! not to mention that I forgot to add that our area that NEVER floods, DID this hurricane ( has pics) and our home has two large trees on top with water that has been sitting on my wood floors for days now and here I am concerned with this! Long story short, she added it to the transcript and sent the message to register and I just finished paying for both courses for september! Cannot express the feeling I have right now getting to this point and knowing the CPNE is not far away. I still need to take 2 pre reqs and eng lit that I plan to take while waiting for the CPNE which after the hopes to pass Im putting my ready date for feb. Sounds like a lot to manage but with prayers and the support of my husband and family, this is all made possible.

    So, had to post my story of this long stressful week and excitement of getting it done! Now Im on to the process of our home claim on the damage and having to pack some things and stay with family until we can go back home. Still no power in laplace, no water, and many people who had to evacuate. I can only look at the possitives at this point that my family is safe!! Good luck all u testers and lets tackle this!!!!
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  3. by   jessica.brading
    Oh wow! I am so happy for you that they posted the grade! I am so sorry about your area and will be praying for you and your family! So much stress! We can do it! If you need anything get in touch with me!

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  4. by   nursemami4
    Thank you! And we will get through this! I am nervous about it due to the changes and others posts, but I'm praying we all can pass and move on to the cpne!!
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  5. by   NursePooda
    You can do it! God wouldn't put more on you than you can bare. You've come too far to turn back now. Give it 100% and god will put you right where you need to be! Goodluck!!
  6. by   AngLVN
    WOW!!!! I am so inspired by your story and I agree with NursePooda that God would not put on you more than you can bare. To Him be the honor and praise!! Amen! Keep your strength sister!! You'll get through this!

    I wanted to share with you a little about my situation. I've just been accepted to Excelsior college and I am so nervous but excited. I live in California and as many of us know, Cali does not recognize the college and will not grant me a license. The main reason for my decision to enroll to Excelsior is that, I have done all I can to get into an RN program here in California. I have applied to multiple schools in and around my area, looked into private schools that cost a fortune and all I get are slams of doors in my face. I have gotten denial letter after denial letter and paying $117,000 for a BSN is not affordable to me. This process has been taken me almost 10 years! I am beyond frustrated with this situation and was almost ready to give up until now!
    I had heard about Excelsior back in 2003. My friends at work were Excelsior college students and told me about the program. Just when I was getting ready to enroll, they tell me that I didn't make the 2003 cut off time to enroll and therefore, I would not be eligible to take the NCLEX here in California. I was welcomed to apply but would have to get licensed and practice in another state. I wasn't planning on leaving California, so this option went out the door. Honestly, I didn't think I would have such a hard time getting in to a program here in California. Here I am almost 10 years later trying to get in somewhere. So I finally decided to enroll to Excelsior and if I have to move, then so be it. I don't want to stay as an LVN for another 10 years but if California does not want to give me a chance then, ADIOS! I heard that I can still practice in California and practice at the VA or any Government facility so I have hope that I can get a job a my local VA hospital which is 10 minutes from where I live. If not, I will relocate. Wish me luck. Hope I didn't bore you with my problem! LOL
  7. by   NursePooda
    Ang how would you be able to work at the VA if Cali state board will not let you take the Rn-nlex?
  8. by   MsPC
    To work at the VA or any Federal Facility you just need an RN license from any state, and since almost all the other states allow you to get a license in them you just get a different states license and you are eligible to work at the VA or a federal facility.
  9. by   nursemami4
    Again thank you ladies for the support!!! And best of luck to you all. We can do this!!
  10. by   NursePooda
    Ok I see!