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So I've just set up my bare bones lab (see pic below). As you can see, right now I've just thrown a couple of random tables together to make a supply station and a work station. I'm sure I'll get... Read More

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    another way to practice grids for speed is to write them on the back of your careplan towards the end of my studies i did 3 careplans a day with the grid using a board to practice is a good idea.
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    Quote from BeachCathyRN

    Had always been a goal of mine. Got my LPN at 19 then a few years later married, kids and my husband owned a very successful business. Through the years I volunteered in free clinics and worked with my husband, once we closed the business I told him I really would like to get my RN degree and he said go for it babe - great supportive husband. So back to school I went, since it had been so long since my first degree I had to take 15 pre reqs and then on to the Nursing classes. This took me almost four years, after the first year our son died suddenly at 25 of cardiomyopathy and a year later my Mother-in-Law passed away from Alzheimer's and we had taken care of her for 4 years. If I had not been going to Excelsior I would have quit, I know especially after losing our son, but he was so proud of me for going back to school and my daughter and husband encouraged me to return and finish and I am so glad I did.

    So very happy I did this and such a sense of accomplishment to finally achieve that goal I set so many years ago for myself. I think my son would be proud and I know my daughter and husband are proud-they have been my biggest supporters. It has also been a good lesson for my 5 year old Grandson (my son's little boy-he was 2 when his Daddy died) he told me the other day school makes you smarter Grandma and I am going to college just like you did!!!
    Wow! Supper encouraging, thanks for sharing!
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    I think I finally have the hang of my labs. I'm still going to practice them EVERY day until CPNE day, but I feel comfortable enough with them to start focusing on my next weakest area: CARE PLANS *dun dun dun*!

    @ Nurse in Miami: that is a great idea about grids. I'm going to try and start practicing the PCSs to include filling out all of the paperwork and writing out my grids next week. I'm only doing about 2 care plans/wk right now and no PCSs yet (I was focusing on labs).

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