Passed my last of 8 exams today + Advice on studying - page 4

Hi everyone, I have some serious eye strain from all the studying and may need stronger perscription glasses :) I took my last exam today...Health Differences. All eight completed. Onto FCCA.... Read More

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    Is there lot of math on reproduction exam?
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    thanks alot for posting you journey it has given me courage i havent tooken any exams transition to rn role will be my first exam thanks again
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    Anyone taken reproductive health, do I need to know all the drugs, any math ?
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    Quote from OnlineSNA
    Anyone taken reproductive health, do I need to know all the drugs, any math ?
    I believe I remember seeing one of two math questions on there.
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    Thanks, any recommended nclex book u have?
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    I used Saunders comprehensive Rn nlex book, comes with a cd. I reviewed all the repro questions on the cd.
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    Just an update..I have passed both FCCA's this past weekend! Applying for CPNE in the coming days..Throughout the entire journey with Excelsior, I have ONLY used the notes. There is more than enough of info, practice quizzes, care plans, assessments etc. to pass each exam. For me it worked, as my memory cannot retain info that I would have read a month ago, I saved a ton on not purchasing each required book. Now to CPNE, I am trying to find info here on any recommendations how to best prepare and pass the first time! I definitely need a weekend practice, any info much appreciated! Thank you!!
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    Use Rob's CPNE material. It's less than $100 and more than you need to pass the first time.
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    Medic625 -

    I have to take the exact prereqs you took to complete Excelsior's LVN-RN Program. I'm starting with Sociology. I ordered the e-text book the college recommends but honestly I can't read an entire book and then go sit for one test. Can you give me any idea of how to become WELL prepared for the UExcel Exam? Are there any courses or modules to use for preparation? I don't mind paying for quality material, I just want to be prepared.

    How did you study for all 4 pre-reqs and pass them so quickly? I DREAM of doing that! LOL

    Chad, LVN

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