Passed Lifespan 1

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    I did it!! I was really nervous about this one, but I passed with a "B"! I have FINALLY found my study "groove". On to Lifespan 2...Happy studying everyone!

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    Great work!!! Keep it up.
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    Thanks ladies! I think I'm "less" intimidated by the lifespan series since I figured a study method that really helped me grasp the material.
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    Congrats! Now you can grove on through the LS series
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    Congrats!! Keep going.
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    What is your study method?

    Congratulations on passing! You are one step closer
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    Quote from Bridgett
    What is your study method?
    I used the recommended books to look up each disorder and made index cards (5x8). I listed the disorder, causes, clinicals manifestations (s/s), how the disorder is diagnosed (including abnormal labs), treatment (medial and nursing), and nursing interventions. I also used the practice exams. If there was anything I didn't fully grasp I turned to google.
    Good luck and happy studying!!!
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