Passed the cpne at grady... :) - page 2

Great CE's at Grady.. I MEAN REALLY glad to get this behind me.. thanks to all the folks that helped me along the way.. I took a great if you want to know more.. it was not easy.. it was a lot of work... Read More

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    I remember that feeling and it is awesome. Congrats !!

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    CONGRATS!!!! Whoohoo!!!!
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    Congratulations! I soooo can't wait to be in your shoes! I've been reading comments on the different sites and Grady sounds like a good option. Thanks for posting!
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    wtg good luck with the NCLEX
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    Congrat. I'm glad to hear you did it. B/C I've heard some bad things about Grady and that was one thing that kept me back from EC but I'm going to give it a try. Are in Ga. If so do you have to the preceptorship hours or have you already been working at a Acute Care facility. Also how long did it take you to do EC program and was it very hard?
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    Thats the one with no peds? Seem like ive seen that posted somewhere.
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    I had Ped's infact I had one repeat and it was ped's I had to do it twice.. so yes they have ped's and I live in Alaska.. so I will have no precep's just the Nclex.. then Im done
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    Romstead I am trying to PM you, but it says that your mailbox is full.
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    congrats and no you aren't an old dog! you did good!

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