PASSED CPNE at Albany Med 9/30

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    Well, it was not easy at all, failed 2 PCS and still managed to pass. I studied for 4 months and took an online workshop and it was still tough. I suggest a carepanning workshop, this helped me a lot and using a grid/memorize mnemonics if you can--much easier. only 2 of 6 of us passed that weekend. All the CE's were great, very patient and kind so that was not the issue. Nerves...they will get to you so control them if you can. As the day went on I became more calm and focused, but failed the first PCS because my nerves and just could not get passed them, but did get over the nerves on Sunday SOOOO happy it is over. Probably won't be taking the boards until December, but that is fine--gives me plenty of time to study for them. Good luck to all future testers!!! You can do it!!!
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    Great job!! Thanks for the future advice.
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    Congrats!!! I know you're glad it's all over!!
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    Congrats! I imagine it was very nerve wracking!!

    Do you think the online workshop was worth it or in hindsight would you recommend a more intensive week long prep course?

    So happy for you!

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    Congratulations! The hard work and sacrifices have paid off.
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    Congrats - so happy for you new GN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yay. I passed there too 9/17!
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    Congratulations. Very happyfor you.
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    Congratulations. You really pulled through. Your story will be an encouragement to others.

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