New FCCA? Can I still take the paper version in April 2012?

  1. The advisor said that the end of this march is the cut off date for the paper version.
    I still have several exams to i can't finish them in 2 weeks.

    it takes two months just to complete the new version...and this one has three tests along the way and the final. If we fail the final...we have to go thru this two months process again.

    do you think that it is literally impossible now to take the old version, which only takes 10 days to finish? I mean..what if they find a bug in this this format and decides that they need to test it a little more?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I think if they transition to the electronic one, then yes, you will not be able to take it on paper. This has been in the works for a long time, and they have had PLENTY of time to get it right.
  4. by   RyanCarolinaBoy
    I'm pretty sure it will be rolling out as planned. I just got off the phone with the FCCA people and got signed up for my FCCA (4/10-19)!! I'm pretty stoked that I made it in under the wire, but she did confirm that march 30th was the absolute final deadline for the paper version. She also said that the cost is increasing from 270 for the paper to 450 for the computerized version.
  5. by   Mgarrett1984
    i take my last exam on March 30. do you know when the online FCCA comes out??
  6. by   Nervous1
    Don't know much about it yet, just know that March 30th @ 5pm EST is the deadline to sign up for the paper version.
  7. by   RyanCarolinaBoy
    If I were u I would try to move that exam forward a few takes several days to get fcca eligibility and the absolute cut off it match 30th for sure...
  8. by   Mgarrett1984
    I moved my Exam to the 28th so that I am sure that person vue has time to send in my scores and i can sign up. thanks for the advise.