Motivation needed to get through Excelsior RN program

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    Hi. My name is Dianne and I have been an LPN for 2 years. I started to take my pre-req's for Excelsior's ASN RN program Jan '11. I have completed the Sociology exam and I am about to take the Life Span and Development exam. These have not been terribly difficult classes but have taken me forever to complete due to motivation issues. I want to continue this track because I have to work (as a home care nurse) while I go to school. The thought of going to a community college to go through an RN program gives me the willies just thinking about it. LPN school was intense, I can only imagine what the RN program would be like.

    So, I am wondering if anyone out there is currently taking classes through Excelsior and would be interested in a study buddy (virtual) or local ( I live in Mass). My next class is Transition from LPN to RN.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I hope you've found a study buddy. However, I wanted to tell you that Yahoo Groups is a great place for study groups. I graduated from Excelsior in 2008 and I utilized 2 study groups on yahoo groups when I was working towards my degree at Excelsior. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. GL!!!
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    Hi Going Coastal, thanks for the tip. I was just checking out the yahoo groups, there are many to choose from. I am joining one called Nursing. Can you share which ones you liked? Congratulations on graduating Excelsior. I look forward to that day. Dianne
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    Freeexcelsiorhelp, Nontradnurses are just a few that I can think of. On a side note, my motivation seem to kick in after I spend a night at work.......makes me appreciate where I am going and where I won't have to go back to once I graduate. There was a group of us here at all different levels in the program (starting out, 1-2 tests in or CPNE prep). Search around here, I'm sure you will find some great tips
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    Hello! I am also in MA. I am one exam away from being able to take the FCCA then CPNE. If you are motivated and organized you can do it. I too am a home care nurse, I have been an LPN since 1999 and have done sub acute, ER, charge on that sub acute unit and then VNA. You really need to keep yourself on track as you would any nursing program and get support from sites such as this one (along with facebook pages/yahoo groups/EC network) I stated EC 2 years ago and was going SUPER SLOW....this yar I decided I am finishing it no matter what. I am sick of being paid MUCH less than the RN's I work with and we do just about all the same things (skill wise) I say keep going if you really want it. I am amother of 2 kids age 9 and 12 and I work 4 days a week, plus my husband works long hours and I have done well so far. But like I said, you really have to be self motivated to keep going. Good luck!!!
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    Thank you all for the encouragement. Working as an LPN is a motivator for me too. I really want to have my own case load of patients. BostonNurse, you are so right about sticking to it and treating it like any other program. This is totally possible. Good luck on finishing with Excelsior. It is quite an accomplisment. I am still awaiting approval to the yahoo groups that I joined and look forward to Excelsior's 8 week online study group for my first nursing course with them. Has anyone utilized them? What do you think?
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    You can do it!!! Once you get bitten by the bug, there will be no stopping you.
    Good Luck
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    I don't use the study group, I just come here and use study guide 101 notes as well as my med/surg book and make notes. I also take the practice exams that EC has to offer before every exam---like 2 weeks before and study the answers and rationals as well. Knock on wood I have never failed an exam....Hoping to continue that streak. On to LS3 next then FCCA! Finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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    I am planning to do bridge with excelsior LPN to RN. This will be my first online course, I was wondering if anyone has a previous outline, or study guide for what maybe used to take nursing classes with excelsior. Please email me at
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    Hey, I just started too! If you like, I'll study with you. I have skype as well!! PM me.:spin:

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