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So I took the form A Microbiology Practice Exam.. And I got a 46% lol! so tragic I had to laugh.. In my favor I have only been studying for about 10 days. Hopefully in 3 more weeks or so I will get a... Read More

  1. by   Medic2Rn_7
    Hey Natnat,

    How is that Micro bio going? I am just getting started studying 3 hours a day. I am so ready to be a nurse!
  2. by   Medic2Rn_7
    Quote from natnat122
    Keep going keep going keep going!!!
    Did you take your Micro bio test yet?
  3. by   natnat122
    Quote from Medic2Rn_7
    Did you take your Micro bio test yet?
    If you mean the test w/ EC yes I took it a while back. It was hard but I passed..
  4. by   Kamilah_Coney_SN
    Newly enrolled Excelsior A.S.N. Student !!!! I originally took A&P and Microbiology at a local college. But since it has been more than 5 years I need to take the Microbiology and Anatomy Exams. I am considering taking the practice exams just to see how much I can recall. From what I have heard, taking the practice exams won't hurt. Which ever route you choose...may you do your best and have much success!
  5. by   mochasouter
    Mine have been more than 5 years too...I am currently studying for micro and I want to test in a few weeks....I am doing a&p next....
  6. by   GoalSeeker
    New to excelsior as well...i'm taking Micro this month...which will allow me to start on the nursing courses...I want to sign up for the health safety online...
  7. by   cclifton
    Can anyone tell me if 65 on the Excelsior Micro practice test is good or bad?
  8. by   tommys girl
    Hi there! 65 is a good score and the Excelsior study guide is a great resource for this exam.
    Don't forget the questions in the back of the study guide because you will see some of them
    again. Good luck!