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So I took the form A Microbiology Practice Exam.. And I got a 46% lol! so tragic I had to laugh.. In my favor I have only been studying for about 10 days. Hopefully in 3 more weeks or so I will get a hundred! :) :rolleyes: It... Read More

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    Hi Barbara,
    I took Intermediate Algebra. I don't know about that particular course, but I would definitely ask an advisor to see if they'll accept it. Here's a thread that talks about ALEKS and has their website and information about having the course transferred. Sorry I couldn't be more help!
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    Thank you! I'll check that out, and also contact an ECE advisor...

    Good luck to you!!
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    Quote from Nervous1
    Um, I scored a 48 initially and a 50 on form B. But I passed the real deal with a B....imagine that. Its pretty broad, but one of the more interesting topics. You will be a huge "germaphobic" (if thats even a word) once you finish studying.
    Hi Nervous1... I got a 54 on practice test A, then Excelsior completely changed the format of the practice tests. When I went back to look at it for review, the timer started ticking, so I took it over. 89. Then on practice test B, which I just completed tonight, I got 66.

    I have the exam scheduled for 3/8, but I still don't feel like I'm ready... I'll be studying a bunch in the next couple weeks... It is really very interesting.

    Hope all is well with you... BSN next??!! WOW!!
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    Quote from natnat122
    Thanks! I'm studying my butt off
    Me too! Getting ready for first exam... Micro... on 3/8!
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    Quote from BarbaraNM
    Me too! Getting ready for first exam... Micro... on 3/8!
    Keep going keep going keep going!!!
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    Quote from natnat122
    Keep going keep going keep going!!!
    Thanks! You too!! Trying to get that fire lit under my butt... I think once I take an exam or two, it will be ignited!!!
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    Hey Natnat,

    How is that Micro bio going? I am just getting started studying 3 hours a day. I am so ready to be a nurse!
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    Quote from natnat122
    Keep going keep going keep going!!!
    Did you take your Micro bio test yet?
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    Quote from Medic2Rn_7
    Did you take your Micro bio test yet?
    If you mean the test w/ EC yes I took it a while back. It was hard but I passed..
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    Newly enrolled Excelsior A.S.N. Student !!!! I originally took A&P and Microbiology at a local college. But since it has been more than 5 years I need to take the Microbiology and Anatomy Exams. I am considering taking the practice exams just to see how much I can recall. From what I have heard, taking the practice exams won't hurt. Which ever route you choose...may you do your best and have much success!