Life Span Development through Excelsior

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    I am studying for my first exam through Excelsior. I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers on how they studied for this exam. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I did the CLEP equivalent, which is Human Growth and Development. Same subject matter, just a lot less expensive! If you haven't already signed up for the EC exam, I recommend doing the CLEP instead. If you have signed up already for the EC exam, then I suggest downloading the EC exam content guide and using the recommended resources. Good luck!!
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    Thanks so much! Did you literally read the entire book? I have the book and study guide Excelsior recommends, but I think I will take the CLEP exam to save money. I guess these books will still be fine. I am just trying to figure out the most effective way to study. It seems like it is taking me forever. I was going to try to take approx a test a month or something like that. Did you use the study guide? Just read the book? What did you find was the best way for you to study? Do you remember approx how long it took you to study for this exam?
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    I'll send you an email with some information.
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    Im studing Life Span Deveopment of psychology through excelsior can u please explain how do I use the clep system, and is it just for "Life Span Development" please, please help especially if it's cheaper.

    Thank u
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    CLEPs = college level examination program. First, get approval from EC to take the Human Growth and Development CLEP exam in place of Lifespan. Then you can go here:

    That explains about CLEP tests. You can find your closest test center here:

    Mine was at a local university's library. I had to call them to schedule my exam, and they only administer CLEP exams one day each week, and needed a couple weeks' notice to schedule me. It was a lot less expensive -- $85, compared to the $200-whatever EC charges for Lifespan. Just be aware that CLEP exams are pass/fail, and you won't get a letter grade.
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    Consider your future after Excelsior before using CLEP or DANTES tests. While they are convenient for EC, not all schools accept these tests so you might have to repeat classes in the future. As long as you have considered that possibility you shouldn't be surprised down the road.
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    Lunah you are always so helpful ! I too have some prereqs, god it seems so overwhelming my goal is start to finish is under 2 years !!! Lunah could you also email me some of the same info on studying as well ?
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    I am also studing for the Life Span and Development exam with EC any passed this exam and how did you study ?
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    Quote from LunahRN
    I'll send you an email with some information.
    I need to take the CLEP Lifespan Human Growth and Development to satisfy a Psychology requirement.

    How long did it take for you to prepare for it, what exactly did you use to prepare for the exam and what would you have done differently if you were to take it again (more or different reading)?

    Thank you

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