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  1. Anybody starting fcca tomorrow?
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  3. by   Mrs.Mc,LPN217
    I am starting both sections, what fun!! Haha, no idea what I'm supposed to expect!
  4. by   Medic625
    I'm starting both today as well!
  5. by   NurseTrishaH
    I'm starting too! Taking both at the same time... really nervous because I see so many posting about failing the courses. And that there's not a whole lot of info on what is included. All I can tell is that it's not a traditional course/exam.
  6. by   KitkatPRN
    I just passed both right before Christmas and wanted to tell you guys, it is not tricky, just study and use your critical thinking skills !! I would read something and then think about how it apply to me / my patients, that made it more "real" to me and I also took notes. I used a seperate notebook for each section: 498 and 496, (writing page #'s next to my notes, so I could look things up easier later). I also flagged my books with post it's , using a different color for each module "-). Good luck !!!
  7. by   CLUVRN
    Count me in as well! Both sections!
  8. by   gleidisa
    I am also taking both sections. I am very scare about the tests since there is not a lot of info on how it's structured and what to expect. Good luck to everyone that is taking the FCCA!
  9. by   tjmiller
    I took 496 first, now in 498. I can say the hardest part of 496 was getting used to the format...AND my nerves. Good luck to all!!
  10. by   luvnursn
    I passed 498 but failed 496
  11. by   tjmiller
    Quote from luvnursn
    I passed 498 but failed 496
    Are you jumping right back in with 496?
  12. by   luvnursn
    @tjmiller, yes I am currently enrolled in 496 again..
  13. by   tjmiller
    Good luck to you! You know the format and the info, you will get it for sure!