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    Anybody starting fcca tomorrow?
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    I am starting both sections, what fun!! Haha, no idea what I'm supposed to expect!
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    I'm starting both today as well!
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    I'm starting too! Taking both at the same time... really nervous because I see so many posting about failing the courses. And that there's not a whole lot of info on what is included. All I can tell is that it's not a traditional course/exam.
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    I just passed both right before Christmas and wanted to tell you guys, it is not tricky, just study and use your critical thinking skills !! I would read something and then think about how it apply to me / my patients, that made it more "real" to me and I also took notes. I used a seperate notebook for each section: 498 and 496, (writing page #'s next to my notes, so I could look things up easier later). I also flagged my books with post it's , using a different color for each module "-). Good luck !!!
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    Count me in as well! Both sections!
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    I am also taking both sections. I am very scare about the tests since there is not a lot of info on how it's structured and what to expect. Good luck to everyone that is taking the FCCA!
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    I took 496 first, now in 498. I can say the hardest part of 496 was getting used to the format...AND my nerves. Good luck to all!!
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    I passed 498 but failed 496
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    Quote from luvnursn
    I passed 498 but failed 496
    Are you jumping right back in with 496?