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FCCA cost

  1. 0 Do any of you know the current cost of the two FCCA courses?I've read conflicting information.....but it's more than likely that I have confused myself ; ) How much are they separately? I was also wondering how long it takes to get ATT for the FCCA after completion of all of the core nursing courses. I'm taking one tomorrow. "IF" I pass I'll have five left and I'm "PRAYING" that I can get into the first fall term and take both 8 week courses.
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    the fcca costs $370 for both exams after july 1 so separately it would be $185. I've been told you get a notice in about a week after your nursing exams are complete.
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    Thank you!!!! I spoke to an advisor after I made this post and she told me that I would need to have all courses completed by 8/11 to meet the 8/25 deadline : ( I may be dead after this is all over!!! I'm hoping to take LS1 tomorrow....if I can get a test time. Apparently if you wait until after midnight to schedule an exam the date closes for the next business day! UGH!!! praying I can get in to test...AND PASS! lol
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    When is the next FCCA dates after August 25? I don't want to just miss the deadline and have to wait around for months. That would be terrible.
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    The next one would start at the end of October. They run in eight week cycles.
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    The current fcca runs through end of August..next class begins beginning of September and will end in October