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WorseNurse's Latest Activity

  1. WorseNurse

    Anyone get into an NP program with the minimum GPA?

    When my son's mother applied for Wright States's Acute FNP program she had a science GPA 3.3 and she said in her interview all they talked about was how bad her...
  2. WorseNurse

    Feeling drain waiting for a CPNE date.

    I applied end of march, no date
  3. WorseNurse

    The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    At a previous employer, I know one of the concerns that a doctor I worked for had with taking the mandatory vaccine was that you had to sign an agreement absolv...
  4. WorseNurse

    passed health safety

    When you get a grade you don't like, just put it in the past where it belongs. Focus on the obstacles before you because you can't do anything about the last o...
  5. WorseNurse

    CPNE and LTC Nurse

    What are some things that I might see on the CPNE that I might not be experienced with as a nurse in a LTC or an RT for that matter. I have no trach experience...
  6. WorseNurse

    FCCA 2015

    I wouldn't say the Sg101 was completely useless, but definitely not as worthwhile as the other exams.
  7. WorseNurse

    Save the date!

    Howd it go?
  8. The practice exams saved me big time for this exam. I was still on the fence about using excelsior while studying for this exam. I spent a lot of time studyin...
  9. I felt that the practice exams were my greatest assest with all the exams except LS3. This seemed to be the only test where they didnt match up well.
  10. WorseNurse

    Passed my FINP (chronicity) Exam 2014

    I suggest spending the 100 and buying the whole bundle.
  11. WorseNurse

    Excelsior College Foundations in Nursing EXAM

    I really hope people arent giving away those StudyGroup101 guides. They are very fairly prices and just great. Everyone should buy them so they can continue th...
  12. WorseNurse

    FCCA Genral Questions

    Just passed Ls3 today as well. ill be lookinh for cpne stidu buddies soon
  13. WorseNurse

    Very Impressed with Studygroup101

    StudyGroyp101, cram.com (to make my own cards), practice exams, and google were the extent of my study material for a&p,micro and all 8 nursing exams. All v...
  14. WorseNurse

    DONE! (With exams at least....)

    I felt that the practice exams were the least helpful for LS3 out of all 8 exams
  15. WorseNurse

    FCCA General Question

    Im studying like crazy to cram ls3 in before the deadline. I dont qant to get pushed back another 2 months
  16. WorseNurse

    I'm an Rn

    How expensive?