Excelsior transition exam - page 4

Hello folks. I recently passed the health safety exam. Didnt do as well as I wanted for my first core nursing class. I studied for 8 days and managed to get a "C" using the TCN module and the... Read More

  1. by   Medic625
    I have used TCN modules for all the tests and have passed all of them with A's and B's in less than 2 weeks per test. Their study guides are spot on. They are expensive though.
  2. by   tom5859

    I used TCN for all my Gen ed. Are you using the book and online mods or just the study guides??
    Im think im going to use TCN or study101. Any other suggestions from anyone? 1 month a course seems doable. Im a ff/medic, so its nice to get other medics input on what works for you.