Excelsior sweat and tears: It's paid off! New RN in town :)

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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who helped me with this journey, with your posts, answers, and prayers. Excelsior is a very hard program, but I'm proof that it can be done.It took me about a year for all nursing courses (except the one they used to give credit for if you were an LPN), A&P, Micro, Dev Psych, FCCA. Another 3 or 4 months for CPNE and NCLEX. I already had a BA so didn't have all the other pre-reqs to do. I worked full time for the majority of this time, then cut my hours when it was time for CPNE and NCLEX. I also continued homeschooling my girls throughout this ordeal.Took my NCLEX this past Monday, shut off at 75 questions. Excelsior does prepare you for it. It was hard, but nothing compared to the CPNE. Today, I'm proud to say I'm a Registered Nurse! Thank you Jesus!Keep at it, guys!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!Blessings!Claudia
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    Congrats!! Thanks for the post!!
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    Congrats! You should be so proud. Quite an accomplishment with all your other responsibilities.

    Well done!!
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    GET IT!!!

    Congratulations! I am soooo excited for you!
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    Congrats!!! Such an inspiration!!
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    Congratulations, Claudia!
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