Excelsior Microbiology study tips - page 5

Hi there,Long time reader, first time poster. I've been trying to get into studying for micro but having a hard time organizing the info. I bought micro demystified and the studygroup101 notes. I... Read More

  1. by   Ultraposh
    hi, exnavygirl-RN, would you still happen to have that link? ive been taking notes but find myelf copying entire texts so the outline is taking forever. thanks
  2. by   countrygrl
    is there a specific website for the microbiology flash cards anyone can respond with the link? thank you.
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Have you tried studystack.com?
  4. by   countrygrl
    are there any microbiology study guides for free?

    i have tried study stack but it doesn't se to be real user friendly.
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  5. by   nelly35
    I have the same problem. Would you send me that link please? Thank you!!!
  6. by   NurseDevyn92
    Hi guys I see that this is a really old post but hopefully you guys can help me. Im doing microbiology now through excelsior/global learn. the text book they sent me for free is 459 pages and its a hard read. Is there anything I can use or order that would make life much easier for me to get this microbiology done with. Also the questions and the little practice exams at the end of a section, do they really help? I notice a lot of bold print words in the text book and also those bold print phrases is what the power points focus on, is that on the exam?? I want to make sure im studying what I need. Theres so much! HELP!
  7. by   NurseDevyn92
    where do I get the practice exams from?? I also looked on eBay for the college network micro book people are talking about but I can't find anything by college network for micro. HELP
  8. by   NurseSuzy22
    Global learn IS the college network they changed their name due to all the lawsuits. try study group 101
  9. by   emtpbill
    Quote from NurseSuzy22
    Global learn IS the college network they changed their name due to all the lawsuits. try study group 101
    Snakes shed one skin to begin anew!
  10. by   NurseDevyn92
    Oh wow I didn't know that. I just ordered SG101 and demystified. Did you use to micro book at all from excelsior?
  11. by   emtpbill
    If you take the microbiology class through excelsior, then yes, you will have to get the book and the access code, which totals over 300 dollars.
    If you are just gonna take the Excelsior test option then, while it is recommended by excelsior have the textbook, you do not have to get it.
  12. by   NurseDevyn92
    Excelsior sent me the text book for free. It's global learn micro biology. It's 459 pages. It's a soft coveted ring white and blue book. And it has study questions. I'm just going to study all the questions and wing it. After the first test I guess I'll see how to study better for them