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EC grads, Post your year of graduation and your specialty/specialties. I'll go first: I've been a Level II/III Neonatal ICU nurse since graduation in January '06. Update 4/2013: In 2009... Read More

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    Quote from NighthawkDC2
    So, if you're an EC Grad, you can't get licensed in these states AT ALL? Can you be licensed in another state and transfer your license over, etc? What about if you complete your ADN at EC and then do your RN-BSN somewhere else?
    That is correct -- you will not be licensed in the states that do not accept EC grads. Doing an RN-BSN somewhere else will not matter -- the state BONs will always consider the initial source of your licensure for ability to endorse your license into that state, and for EC grads, EC will always be the source of the RN.

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    to Lunah: wow, that is awful...i always thought that EC grads would be able to get around those rules by having additional or co-degrees...gee, well we'll see in time.

    anyway, i dont know if i've posted on this thread before but i'm an EC grad 2003...quickly trained into ICU studies and have been in that area for the past 6+ years. have icu/ccu/and soon dialysis certificates. hope to teach nursing in a 3rd world country one day... in the meantime, considering np degree...love bedside and want to continue to do a good job there.

    good luck to all and all future ec grads.
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    I thought I'd give a little update on myself since graduating from EC!

    EC ASN - January 2005
    EC BSN - July 2008
    University of Pittsburgh MSN w/ Family NP Specialization - August 2011

    I've had the opportunity to work in telemetry, ER, home care, medical ICU, cardiothoracic ICU, LTAC, and long term care.

    Currently working as a FNP in geriatrics. Love my job!
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    I'm wondering if anyone has used Excelsior in philadelphia and was able to get a job?
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    I'm in OK and have a few months left on the EC program. Then I have to complete xtra hrs in OB and MH. After that I can sit for boards. I know several EC nurses in OK that are working in various settings.
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    Congrats Lunah,

    Just wanted to know if there is an age limit for the Army nursing. I would love to do flight nursing. Or just get the experience of active duty. Thanks.
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    LPN since 2006 (LTC, rehab, family practice)
    May 2011 RN from EC
    May 2012 BSN from WGU

    Working on an Ortho/Neuro med/surg floor since July 2011
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    Quote from Mimi2BNP
    Congrats Lunah,

    Just wanted to know if there is an age limit for the Army nursing. I would love to do flight nursing. Or just get the experience of active duty. Thanks.
    The age limit is 42. There is some basic info/links in this thread from the Government/Military forum: http://allnurses.com/government-mili...ry-647549.html
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    Thanks Lunah!!
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    Graduated EC in 2008. I was a Paramedic in New York with no nursing experience. I am now a nursing supervisor at a LTC facility with 112 beds. I oversee 5 LPNs and 16 CNA's. I did EC's program for about $12,000 total (I flunked the first CPNE.) It was a great program for self-motivated people who want a flexible and cheap program. I am well respected where I work. Several of my nurses are doing EC just because they know I am a product of the program. That bodes well for both me and EC. The program is not easy, but doable. I could not get into a hospital because when I was grilled about the clinical aspect of EC, the nurse managers did not like what they heard and could not grasp the program. I know from my experience now that I would have made a good nurse in the hospital if they would have oriented me and given me a chance. Their loss, truly. Good luck to those of you working on, or thinking about starting, the EC program. PS- You can do it without an outside company's materials. If you are in the program now, Good luck and I feel your pain (we all do...)

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