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I am studying for Excelsior exam: Transition to the Registered Professional Nurse Role. This test is unlike most tests; it is not illness-intervention based. Can anyone how has taken the test (and... Read More

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    Quote from Mesiam
    I took the test last night and passed. Was not prepared for it 100%, even tried to reschedule but you cannot do it the same day. With that said, I used studyguide101, EC practice exam-went over it few times, and scored first time ONLY 59 and 58. Never retook it but studied it. The rationales are good to go over..also EC syllabus questions. Now I'm starting micro..
    Good job! I used SG101 too and passed - no books gotta love it!
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    Passed my Transitions today... So glad it's over. My advice, pay for the practice exams. This is the first test I took that I used them and I kick myself. If its mentioned on the practice exam it's going to be mentioned on the actual test. I don't think I would have passed without it.
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    hi , i would like to read about 2013 testimony on the exam transition to the registered professional nurse role.
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    For those who have passed Transitions this year (2013). Does SG101 have a good study guide for this exam? I did not find their material helpful for the Lifespan series. In my opinion they weren't that in-depth for the broad test questions asked. What was successful for you in breaking this exam down and retaining the information? I prefer the critical thinking test questions we usually take and I hope there will be some on the exam??? H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
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    does any one out there took this exam recent 2014 omg
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    I haven't taken it as of yet. But I am using pretty much using all the above resources mentioned with exception to the practice exams. I was on the fence about the practice exams, but I may need to give in and apply for them, just as a reference to the type of questions I expect to see on the exam. Trying to be ready to test no later than September 04, 2014
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    Hello RN2BE2016.
    I have taken the practice exams for the EC Nursing Transition's course and I am using StudyGuide 101 and it has not benefited me much. Just wondering, what are you using as study material? Have you taken the exam?

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    I took the exam in January. Used studygroup101 and practice exams. Always use the practice exams!!! Sg101 covered everything from the recommended reading, but I also got the books but hardly used them. There were not that many names and dates as I was expecting but alot of what you would do as a professional nurse stuff, legal, etc.
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    maybe someone already said this, use the study guide and recommended texts, also I used the book "LPN to RN" Transitions, think you can get it at EC library

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