Excelsior College offering online college courses!

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    Beginning May 6, 2013 they are offering NUR 104 Essentials of Nursing Care; Health Safety. The registration period for the course is open now and will close May 3rd or earlier if max number of students have registered. On July 1, 2013 , NUR 214 Transition to the Registered Professional Nurse Role will begin. These online courses are eight weeks in length and you might possibly be eligible for Federal financial aid.

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    Where did you find this info at? That is GREAT news! I am currently studying to challenge the A&P exam (I took the course but it was over 5 years ago, which is their new rule). I also have to take the Microbiology exam and then all the nursing courses. I have the rest of the general ed courses completed from previous college coursework. Is this new info on their website? Where can I locate it? Thanks so much!
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    On Excelsior website in the My Message Center. First page that pops up after you log on.
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    Hmmmm that doesn't show up on mine. Maybe because I'm not actually "enrolled" as a student? I created a log-in so that I could take the first test without enrolling, which Excelsior allows you to do.
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    The message was only sent to enrolled students as only enrolled students are eligible to take the classes.
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    Yes I saw that to bad I already took both of those wish it was offered for life span 1
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    Quote from Mickey41
    Yes I saw that to bad I already took both of those wish it was offered for life span 1
    Now that would be great!
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    I plan on signing up as soon as I get Micro out the way
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    Spoke to the advisors they will be adding other classes if after they see how it goes with health safety and transitions
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    I never got that memo on my excelsior page.

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