Excelsior College...BIG Changes coming... Oct 1, 2012

  1. hello all,

    here is the email i got today from excelsior. note all the big changes coming, as of oct 1, 2012. i keep saying, i need a big kick in the butt to get me off the fence. this is it. if i'm going to do it, i need to enroll before oct 1. period. anyone else out there, like me, that is undecided... this may help make up your mind. i can't afford to lose my a & p credits and have to take it over. i also like the idea of taking two exams before enrolling. so.... i've got some serious soul-searching to do, a big decision to make. good luck to all of you...in the program, or thinking of enrolling!!

    "our records show that you were admitted to the associate degree in nursing program within the past year but have not yet enrolled. therefore, we are writing to inform you of changes to the associate degree in nursing program that will become effective for those who enroll on or after october 1, 2012 .

    as of october 1, 2012, the anatomy & physiology and microbiology requirements will be accepted toward the associate degree in nursing only if they were completed no more than five years prior to the date of enrollment and meet the content requirements as outlined in the current nursing catalog.

    in addition, the anatomy & physiology and microbiology requirements must be completed before registering for all associate degree in nursing theory examinations with the exception of the transition to the registered professional nurse role examination.

    furthermore, as of october 1, 2012, future students will no longer be able to take nurx 104: essentials of nursing care: health safety prior to enrollment.

    if you were admitted to the associate degree in nursing program based on military experience, please review the [color=#366388]current admissions eligibility requirements to verify that you meet current eligibility criteria.

    you may enroll [color=#366388]online or download the undergraduate enrollment form (pdf) and fax the completed form to our bursar's office at 518-464-8700.

    should you have any questions, call us at 888-647-2388 ext. 22. we look forward to working with you as an enrolled student!"


    roberto figueroa ii, mba
    executive director of admissions

    [color=#454545]excelsior college
    [color=#366388]7 columbia circle, albany, ny 12203-5159
    phone: toll free 888-647-2388 or 518-464-8500
    fax: 518-464-8777
    international phone: 518-464-8500
    tdd: 518-464-8501
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  3. by   Mimi2BNP
    Wow!! I'm about to enroll now!! That's been my issue all along.....these traditional schools don't take science credits over 5 yrs.:icon_roll Or even worst....will not except my Organic/Inorganic Chem which i REFUSE to take over!.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    They've updated the ADN program page with this information as well: Excelsior College | Program Details

    For those of you who haven't applied or enrolled (because those peeps typically get this info via email), I suggest keeping an eye on the program page for changes or updates.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have noticed that the EC changes through the decades have never been to the prospective student's advantage. That is always why a person should take advantage of something while it remains a good thing. Then you don't have reason to kick yourself in the rear in the future! Thanks for taking the time to post this info for people who may not have accessed the EC website yet.
  6. by   pinkfluffybunny
    I aCtually think this is more to keep them up to par with traditional school. They probably feel like it gives them credibility if the have the same standards ad other schools.