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Excelsior A&P I/II Completion and Tips!

  1. 1 Well I've finally completed my first exam. I took A&P I/II via ECE. I was scared going into the exam since this was my first exam, and it covers two semesters of traditional class room work. It turned out much better than I expected....I got an A !!!!! Here are a few study tips for anyone signing up for A&P: 1.) Textbook, I got a previous edition of the current recommended text for very little money on Amazon. Get the Text, whether you read it or not, you'll use it for reference, I read every chapter! Ugh! 2.) Study Guides, buy a Study Group A/P study guide or Lisa Arends Guide for A/P. They provide plenty of quizzes and exercises to complete. This will keep you focused on your current chapter. Watch out for Study Group 101 answer keys. I found SEVERAL wrong answers in the answer keys of many chapters. Double check your answers. 3.) Mosby Flash cards.....waste of money to me, wish I had not bought them! I also used VangoNotes for A/P via I-Tunes, it gives you something to review while on a road trip. 4.0 ) Practice exams from Excelsior, I did not use the practice exams since they are $80.00 per test but I had multiple thoughts of taking at least one to see how I was doing. Practice tests are not a bad idea if you feel you are struggling. Take the test about half way through studying. Good Luck, now for a one week break then onto the next class!
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    You read every chapter??? Wow! How long did you study for this exam?
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    Kudos on the "A" -- that was a tough exam! It was the first EC exam I took back in 2007, and I was thrilled to escape with a B.
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    If you find any wrong answers you should report them so they can be corrected - Kay was very receptive when I reported an error.