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  1. I'm taking the FCCA finals (took both classes at the same time) August 20th. Called up EC so they could send me the study guide and they said no. The reason they said no is that they are rewriting it for the 19th edition and they don't want to send an outdated copy. Anyone else hear about this? I'm kinda bummed- wanted to start reading through that monster sooner than later....PS: If anyone has the current cpne study guide file and wouldn't mind passing it along it would be appreciated
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  3. by   tnmarie
    I'm in the same boat and they have told me the same thing. My advisor did say it was legal to get a copy from a student, but I've posted in several forums with no luck. Gonna be bummed if I have to say no to a CPNE date d/t lack of access to study materials. Did you have any luck getting a copy?
  4. by   misted
    so i just spent $40 in ink about a month ago to print the 18th edition study guide that they sent me. Is this edition no good now? I'm already half way through reading it also. I'm planning on testing in about 4 months. do i need to get the new study guide now?
  5. by   MsPC
    You just need to get the updates to the 19th edition and mark them in your current printed one if and only if you are testing after Nov 1.
  6. by   t-lo
    As far as I know it is not legal to pass on any copyrighted materials Asking for the CPNE (TM) Study guide which is copyrighted to be sent to you from someone other than EC would be a violation of copyright. Hence why no one is replying or sending it to you.
    The new edition of CPNE (TM) and the manual should be ready in the next few weeks. It is usually out by the 15-30th of Sept.
    I understand your pain/want to begin reading and I give you kudoos for your motivation. Since you have to wait for the 19th edition I have a suggestion for you.... Why not order the skills kit from EC for the labs and begin practice. It will give you a head start and something productive to do.... Sound like a plan????
    Good Luck
  7. by   ezhik
    I am also using 18th edition - and I don't think it's a big deal, since they are going to be releasing the changes summary of all changes from 18 to 19. Not that many changes. SO I will continue studying from my printed out 18th edition plus apply changes from 19th.
  8. by   t-lo
    You are correct there aren't many changes from the 18-19th editions. Good Luck!
  9. by   tnmarie
    Yeah someone posted on another board that they heard you can only get a copy of the CPNE study guide from a student who has already passed and they can only distribute it once through the mail once they have finished with it.

    I actually asked my advisor if it would be against academic honesty policies before I posted my request. His response lead me to believe that it was not, but I'm just waiting for the school to send me the new edition just to be on the safe side. I planned on starting CPNE prep in September but I'm just going to wait.

    I ordered my supplies and was going to set up a lab but I just don't feel comfortable doing so without the guide. I'll just take the time off (and try to forget about all the money I'm losing while waiting :uhoh21.

  10. by   LoMo
    Which pages of the CPNE study guide 20th edition do I need printed and bound at Staples?

    Thank you!
  11. by   BarbaraNM
    [FONT=lucida grande]I want to highly recommend www.bestvaluecopy.com ! I placed my order Sunday Dec 22 at 10:00 pm. By noon Dec 24 it had been printed and shipped, and I received it Dec 27. EXCELLENT printing job!! It came in a Priority Mail shipping box and was enclos[FONT=lucida grande]ed in another box to protect the pages. The paper and print quality are both excellent. I got it 3 hole punched and a clear plastic front cover and a vinyl back cover. Total was $33, but there is a $5 coupon for first time users. (Coupon code: FBWC1) Well worth $28, in my opinion!!

    This is a great deal... and I printed the entire thing, then divided it up into 5 binders. Staples or Kinkos wanted up to $120 to print it!
  12. by   LoMo
    Thank you for your reply!

    Do I mail the DVD to them for printing?
  13. by   BarbaraNM
    You could.... But faster and easier to upload it to their site. Find it under 'my details' on your page on EC, download it to your computer, then upload it to them!