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  1. ezhik

    Doubting my decision...

    this year was really rough on me. January was my CPNE. Then in 3 months NCLEX. Got my license and applied for RN-to-MSN through Excelsior. Now wondering if I am making a mistake. I am not working right now. Not planning to go to work for another couple of years since I just got pregnant and have another toddler on my hands. So I thought I might start working as associate RN at some place (not hospital for sure since hospital in my area are really eager to get BSNs only) and will get some experience (most likely at nursing home or home health care) prior to graduating with my MSN (in clinical management). So I guess my doubts are about me being able to find a job as an newly graduated MSN and without real acute experience. Any thoughts are appreciated. FYI, I live in the NY-NJ area.
  2. ezhik

    Starting Excelsior's MSN - Education

    Hi, Lunah - I am actually interested in the same questions, maybe you can answer for both of us - thanks!
  3. ezhik

    Anybody took sociology,psychology thru CLEP?

    I took CLEP for both sociology and intro psych - not hard, can spend 2-3 weeks to prep for each without any difficulties.
  4. ezhik

    New Jersey Excelsior grads where are you working?

    Anyone else from NJ and with Excelsior degree? I am interested too...
  5. ezhik

    the reality of transition from MD to RN

    Irina - prep according to Excelsior rules for CPNE (and I mean literally to the dot!) and you'll be fine. You knowledge from med school will serve you well - mine did :)
  6. ezhik

    Anyone else taking CPNE soon?

    I am testing at Utica on Jan 4-6, so 1 week before your date. Very nervous, but really hopeful!
  7. ezhik

    Any NJ Excelsior Grads??

    I'd say in NJ and being ASN and wanting to work at hospital - you'd have to go back to school for bsn ...
  8. ezhik

    CPNE Study guide...

    I am also using 18th edition - and I don't think it's a big deal, since they are going to be releasing the changes summary of all changes from 18 to 19. Not that many changes. SO I will continue studying from my printed out 18th edition plus apply changes from 19th.
  9. ezhik

    CPNE study group in South Florida!

    I am in NJ, but I can do virtual study group :)
  10. ezhik

    ALEKS and Excelsior

    Yes, my husband is doing stats through Aleks right now, but advisor told him that it has to be done by October 1st.