1. What is the most recomended successful CPNE sites? Is their any sites to avoid? I am doing my CPNE application now. Any advice or tips please.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Anyone can pass or fail at any of the sites. Most people choose the site that is closest to their home or easiest to travel to. You might look for a site known to give adult subs for peds if you want to avoid peds patients.
  4. by   LA♥Nurse
    I chose by wait time...I'm closest to TX, but when I talked to MPAC, they said it would probably be 2011 before I could get in, so I went with St. Mary's @ Madison, WI. You can read journals on EPN...but I've never heard anything bad about St. Mary's. CE's & CA are all AWSOME! totally rooting for you!!!
  5. by   lsilva7
    Thats Wisconsin?
  6. by   lsilva7
    I want to go where ever they are rooting for me
  7. by   PiedPiperRN
    I was told by an Excelsior worker that New York is the quickest, probably because that's where Excelsior is. I tested at Albany Medical and felt very strongly that they were "rooting" for me. I recommend this site.

    I live in Portland, and found that a plane ticket to NY was only about $30 more then a ticket to WI.
  8. by   agldragonRN
    i highly recommend taking it from st. peter's hospital (ny). i just passed (today) my cpne there and the ces and ca are excellent and really want you to pass, of course you have to show to them that you are prepared so a "little" "mistake" can be "forgiven".

    good luck to you!
  9. by   lsilva7
    how long was the wit time for st peters hospital, did you take any cpne workshops, do you have any advice
  10. by   GCmomRN
    I went where they gave the fastest date and when I called the NPAC I was able to get a date at York PA. Loved it there! You're going to find good reviews on places from people who passed there and bad reviews of the same place from those who failed. If you know your CE's and memorize the study guide you will be fine.
  11. by   lsilva7
    What does ce stand for
  12. by   caliotter3
    Clinical evaluator, ca stands for clinical associate, the honcho of the clinical testing weekend.
  13. by   caliotter3
    In terms of the previous post, I think she was referring to critical elements.
  14. by   SLCRN
    ce's also stand for the critical elements you must memorize & know like the back of your hand, found in the study guide