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Hi all, Just wondering who else is out there that just finished their FCCA's this week. I'm going to put in my application for the CPNE on Monday...so psyched! I have my lab all set up and going to start planning my mnemonics... Read More

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    I passed FCCA this week and am submitting my application today! It took a while to locate my vaccination records. How do you upload the passport photo? I got one from Costco but suspect my department id picture would be just as good and easier to upload. Is anyone in Florida looking for a study buddy? I am in Fort Lauderdale but can travel the tri county area pretty easily. Email me at medic1403@aol.com

    I also made crossword puzzles out of the mnemonic sheets.
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    Awesome Medic1403! I gave EC a ready date of June 1st. I just scanned the photo passport sheet and they accepted it. I also just scanned and sent the first sheet of the background check--it has our id and password on it so they can access it electronically..they also accepted that. I am so anxious to receive a date..I truly hope it doesn't take too long. Until then, I've been practicing in my makeshift lab and reading the study guide-got it printed at office depot for $40. The March and April EC Careplan conferences are closed...I signed up for May...also going to a workshop in April.
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    By the way...where are you located in NY? I'm in the Hudson Valley.
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    @ cjwilliams..I'm hearing 4-5 months. But I'm hopeful for an earlier cancellation--anywhere! I can't imagine dragging this out for that long.
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    Has anybody heard anything about Lubbock Tx? That's probably the closest to me.
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    CPNE bound!
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    Well.... It's official. My app has been submitted.
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    Congrats to all those who passed the FCCA!!!
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    Quote from Arctophilos
    @ Linseyvam...I was going to do the EC workshop then decided to go to Taylors in Atlanta---driving and making a mini vacation out of it. I did sign up for EC Care plan conference in May--March and April were closed--and I also signed up for the documentation conference which starts next week. I am officially broke! Hoping I get some overtime thrown my way...lol...Let us know when you get a date as will I By the way...where are you located in NY? I'm in the Hudson Valley.
    This app on my phone is acting crazy lol idk of it will post this again but I actually live in Michigan. I will be venturing to Albany for the workshop and the real deal. I'm not sure how much of a vacation it will be for me. It's just as cold in NY as it is in Michigan haha. I should have went to hot-lanta. haha I'm broke too! And I will definitely let you know when I hear something.
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    Passed the CPNE!
    It was the hardest, nerve wracking 3 days of my life! I failed two of the labs on Friday night---pure nerves. It was quite comical in retrospect because I opened about 7 pairs of sterile gloves at the wound station! lol Passed all my PCS's--two adult and one ped. Care Plans weren't that bad but take your time in planning. I took the Excelsior Care Plan conference and their Documentation conference---helped sooo much and I highly recommend. I also took advantage of their email Care Plans and phone-in Care Plans --- it wasn't until after the CPNE that I realized that one of my CE's had helped me through one of the phone-in Care Plan conference calls!!! I can still remember what she told me:
    Evaluation phase:
    What's the problem---being able to move without SOB is a basic...
    What happens if I don't fix it---decreased GI motility, atelectasis...
    What is the long term result---cardiac/respiratory arrest and prolonged hospital stay

    I hung out on some of the forums ( Excelsior, fb, and allnurses) but the last few weeks I avoided them because they were making me too nervous. If you follow the study guide you will do well. I did use and HIGHLY RECOMMEND using mnemonics and a grid system!!!!!!!!!!! They saved my butt. Don't worry about stepping back and looking at your grid and making sure you got all your critical elements. Put a plan of action on your grid too, although it may change due to interruptions, but at least you have somewhat of a plan. Chart by your mnemonics and grid and you wont fail. Remember to ID! ID! ID! even if you look like a moron and can't remember if you just did or not---do it again!!!!! I am not a nervous person but my mind blanked a few times and I was literally sweating bullets. I was stuck on a care plan and the CE noticed and said---look out the window for a minute...look how sunny it is...it worked! The CE and CA really want you to pass but they have to be fair and make sure you hit your critical elements and really know your stuff. Verbalize everything you're doing. They don't know what you're thinking so show em your thought process.
    That's it in a nut shell.
    Good luck to everyone...its been a long journey
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