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Hi, Has anyone bought the microbiology book by the college network? If so, is it supposed to say "general studies" before the title? Just want to make sure I'm not buying any knock off..... Read More

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    Quote from dc8atp
    Ther practice exams given by excelsior..are they free and how accurate are they? I am just now realizing how much time and money I have wasted with TCN. Ugh. I did just order the SG 101 for Micro bio today! I am hoping that helps to sift through some of the 42 chapters from the TCN book.
    Hi... no they are not free. $75 for a 2 part practice test... worth every penny!! It will give you an idea of the types of questions on the real exam. Be sure you understand every question, every answer, and the rationale for each. Even though it was only 2 weeks ago, I can't remember if there were any word for word questions on the exam, but VERY similar!!

    Here is a quote from LunahRN, who has addressed the issue of College Network in the past: " And I always tell EC students who have signed TCN contracts and who are upset at spending all that extra money that the best "revenge" is success in the program! Get some return on your investment."
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