Chronicity tomorrow...

  1. Well I'm taking one of my last two theory exams tomorrow. Have repro scheduled next week. Still need to take micro this month then it's FCCA! I'm hoping to be able to register for the september session. Will schedule both! Wish me luck guys and as always I'm cheering for us all through this journey only WE know the hard work and dedication it took for us to get through each step!! Alright nurses lets keep it moving!!!
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    Good luck
  4. by   monalisa lpn
    Good luck you can do it
  5. by   frankie,RN
    Good luck to you.
  6. by   antoniaLPN
    Good luck, I plan on taking mine in a couple weeks, you have this . I plan on taking FCCA in sept also
  7. by   veggieLPN
    good luck to you!
  8. by   nursemami4
    Passed!!!! On to repro then micro then it's FCCA bound!! Thanks for the support guys! Meant a lot to see the encouragement before my exam! Good luck to you all!!
  9. by   nasdaq0909
    good luck
  10. by   nursemami4
    By the way, the practice tests were extremely helpful for this exam! Lots of questions from it and the EC study guide was a great help.
  11. by   RT to RN
    I think you got most of the difficult exams out of the way! good luck with your last one.. and on the FCCA.
  12. by   BLAKEY2005
    Congrats taking mine in a couple of weeks. Good to know the practice exam was very helpful!
  13. by   nursemami4
    Quote from RT to RN
    I think you got most of the difficult exams out of the way! good luck with your last one.. and on the FCCA.
    Yes, I did it out of order. Started with health safety, transitions, LS1, LS3, LS2, chronicity today, last repro! I felt LS3 was the hardest due to lacking info on study group 101 and the test questions seemed more complex than the other exam formats, my opinion. But over all I felt chronicity was the easiest exam due to the practice tests really giving a great review of info and seeing very similar questions again. Also being a home health nurse def helped with this one. I'm just excited to finally be so close to the end. Can not wait to be able to post a CPNE date!! I feel so proud when I read other EC students success and watching how they have got there from last year when I signed up, just amazing!!