Anyone from WA state gone through Excelsior LPN to RN?

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    I'm looking for an online program for my LPN to RN that will allow me to get there as quickly as possible. Is it possible to CLEP out of most of the pre reqs and most of the actual courses? And anyone who is in WA state, how do you fulfill the extra preceptorship requirements? Are there other programs that are better than Excelsior?
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    I am on old grad so no help. However, you may want to cross post this in the WA nurses section. I think there were some looking for the same info awhile ago. You might find something there. I do think they mentioned having difficulty finding a hospital to sponser them to obtain their hours, but don't quote me.
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    Hello there! I live in Oregon. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If you take your NCLEX here in Oregon and get your RN here...then endorse your license to Washington and you won't have to do the extra hours.

    You can clep out of a few classes or you could just take them online at a local community college. I'm not sure which part of washington you are in but Lower Columbia has an online LPN to RN program they offer once a year.

    Or if you wish...there is always Indiana State where you could to your LPN to BSN but that may take you a like 3 years.
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