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  1. by   Race Mom
    RN's are definately allowed to do diabetic foot care! The hospitals just deny us the ability because of the risk associated with it.
    As an RN, I am not able to bill medicaid/care or insurance in this state.
  2. by   somenurse
    Quote from Woogy
    RN's are definately allowed to do diabetic foot care! The hospitals just deny us the ability because of the risk associated with it.
    As an RN, I am not able to bill medicaid/care or insurance in this state.

    Thanks, Woogy!
    so you can actually cut or trim the diabetic's toenails in their homes? I wonder if this might vary from one state BON to another?
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  3. by   Race Mom
    Most BON's will state that you are remaining in your scope if you have been taught the skill in your nursing program or have received additional training in the area of expertise. Some states require you to have a physicians order to provide the care as an independent care provider. My state does not. I believe RN's are allowed nationwide to provide diabetic foot care but I highly recommend this care is provided by an RN that has had additional training in this area. What state are you in?
  4. by   somenurse
    WOOGY, i SO appreciate your help!!

    I am moving to Florida soon, so I guess I am now discussing Florida rules. If i were to just be self-employed, would i require doctor order, if i am NOT billing medicaid or insurance? Do you know? Thanks if you do.

    After reading this thread, i am interested in this as an extra way to pay bills!!
  5. by   bizi
    I paid $1300. in advertising...none of it panned out.I give up.
  6. by   bizi
    word of mouth seems to be the best advertising and the ad on my vehicle.
    I have been busier than usual. Am glad for the work!
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    what an interesting topic

    found this article interesting too
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    Great article and poems!
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    Wondering how owners are doing?
    Same here.
  11. by   yrmajesty3
    Hi Bizi,
    You may not be hearing from some owners because there have been podiatric lurkers who have used these forums to initiate investigations on some independent foot care nurses( approximately 5 that i know of). I was told this by a podiatrist friend. So for that reason, I no longer feel comfortable sharing unless its a PM. Hope all is well with you.....its been a long time since I've posted here.
  12. by   NedRN
    Can you tell us more? It is difficult for me to believe that allnurse lurkers would use this forum to initiate investigations to protect their own business model. Anyone with a successful business of any kind is easily found! If you can share the issues they are investigating, a constructive conversation should ensue.
  13. by   yrmajesty3
    I dont believe the lurkers are other nurses. My experience with other foot care nurses has been nothing but positive. In fact, all of us have willingly shared our business models, policy and procedures,forms that we independently develop, brochures and business contacts. It's a phenomenal community of professionals as we are all learning together. I've been told that the lurkers are podiatrists posing as nurses to get information, especially about policies, scope of practice and $$. This has happened on 2 other blogs I was a member of...both now defunct because of it. One podiatrist informed me that I was making more $ in a visit than she was being reimbursed by insurance company for the same care. She took MUCH issue with that which subsequently made her wonder what else was I doing to warrant my $75 fee. But then again, she doesn't do hour-long home visits like I did. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter, just wise to how others are getting information and thereby inadvertently sabotaging a practice by kicking off an investigation. Some see private duty foot care nurses as a threat/competition to their businesses. But others have genuine concerns that nurses might be practicing beyond their scope. But you are correct, this attitude tends to come from practices that are not thriving. Podiatry practices that don't offer surgical care are the ones that depend on routine diabetic foot care for their bread and butter. So you can see how a nursing foot care biz near them might be a problem. Where I live, there are an overabundance of podiatry practices all competing with one another for business and nursing home contracts. They tend to utilize podiatry school residents as their "help"...not independent nursing collegues. No reason for them to refer to you if they can keep that business under their own roof with free help. Places where these professionals aren't as abundant, seem to be the places that nurses do competition. The important take-away is that foot care nurses are practicing well within their scope and we shouldn't let other foot care professionals tell us otherwise. If any of you should be investigated because of this suspicion (as so many of us have already), just know that all you need is to show good policy and procedure documents and proof that you have been appropriately trained to provide this specialized care. So far, that's all we have had to do in these cases.
    I simply handed over a copy of my business binder. In that binder, I had proof of my training and CFCN certificate, P&P's for my care and sterilization procedures,MDF form for chemosterilant, examples of my assessment and consent forms, 5 or 6 simple nursing care plans for most common problems, patient education handouts, and several articles outlining the studies regarding value of nurse run foot care clinics. Hope that sheds some light on my particular experience.