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  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been an RN for a year now, and prior to nursing school I was a massage therapist. I went to school in, oh....2000-2001 for massage. In my state, at that time, there was no state regulation. I worked as a MT for a couple years and then moved on.

    I would LOVE to know how to get a job as an RN and MT (obviously I'd have to see what I need to do to get my MT education licensed w/the state as laws have changed). I'd also love to know where you guys work, and what you do day-to-day.

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  3. by   Du3du3
    I wonder if u could get a job as a physiotherapist.. maybe with a few more courses
  4. by   elkpark
    Quote from Du3du3
    I wonder if u could get a job as a physiotherapist.. maybe with a few more courses
    Physical therapy is an entirely different discipline which requires a minimum of a Master's degree in physical therapy for licensure.
  5. by   classicdame
    have no idea how to merge the two. You might start with state regulations. Remember, you are always held to the standards of your highest license, which would be RN in this care (I assume)
  6. by   echoRNC711
    We use a massage therapist in cardac rehab . She is not an RN. However I teach meditation,stress management, give reiki as part of my job there as RN. If I had your skills I am confident they would avail of those too as part of my job.
  7. by   Bubbles
    In my state there are a few RN licensed massage therapists who have their own private practices. Usually they started as RNs and later got involved in the healing arts and combined nursing with massage therapy.
  8. by   alotusforyou
    I had no idea about this either! So cool.

    I was a MT for a short time, but stopped due to moving several times and all the different state laws to contend with. Now I've settled in NW Arkansas and have been torn between going to MT school again to get liscenced here or going to school to become an RN and eventually a NP. It would be awesome to be able to do all three! I am going to look into this further....
  9. by   lmbtdoula
    I am a massage therapist and birth doula in NC, just about to start my pre-nursing and CNA classes. Locally, nurse massage therapists work in birth centers, ob floors, integrative clinics, cancer centers. There are lots of options. Follow your passion and find or create a job that combines both.

    Peace, Love and Babies
  10. by   mluvsgnc
    I have been an LMP (licensed massage practitioner) for 15+ years, am currently an employed LPN, and will have my RN in spring 2014. I would love to hear more ideas on how to combine nursing and massage! It isn't the easiest thing to Google, either.

    Imbtdoula: Thank you for putting some ideas out there. I've never been attracted to OB as a nurse, but during my OB clinical rotations, I certainly employed MT techniques on patients. It is more appealing to me if I could use the massage skills in addition to nursing skills. Hmmm...
  11. by   massage heart
    I am a licensed massage therapist esthetician right now and I'm in the process of getting into a nursing assistant program, I would say if you still feel passionate about massage therapy that you should go back to Massage school. I am sure it would not be difficult to get your l.m.t again