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  1. lmbtdoula

    CNA or Doula to BSN to CNM

    I am a current CNA student working on my nursing pre-reqs(full time), also a birth doula 3 years and a massage therapist 7 years, specializing in pregnancy and fertility, also looking long term to becoming a CNM. I begin clinicals on Monday and I am already applying for hospital CNA/CST jobs. And I am talking with a local home birth CNM about assisting her. She takes on several assistants, so this option works for both of us. I get some experience and she has a network of doula/assistants she can call on. You most likely wont get into L & D as a CNA, but the hospital experience will be a big advantage for you later on when you apply for a RN job. You can get your DONA training, it is only a weekend workshop, then find a place to volunteer as a doula. Many hospitals have volunteer programs, you can volunteer just a day a week or every other to get some birth experience at the same time as your hospital experience. This way you aren't on call, possibly missing classes or your CNA shift for a birth. Also, note that many RNs in L & D are getting their DONA training, be great to already have it when you get your RN and apply for those L & D jobs. Think about CLC, lactation counselor as well. I'm doing it this summer. By the way, getting your DONA training is great support experience, but a different skill than assisting a home birth midwife. For that you are the midwife's support person, not the mom's. You will pack bags, clean instruments, fetch supplies, hold flashlights, etc. But you will also shadow her, get to talk about the birth from her perspective rather than the moms. Both are important perspectives, but if you have children already than you have this perspective. Mine is a very full plan. It doesn't all have to be done simultaneously, pick and choose what works for your life situation and local availability. If you want it, you will get there however long it takes and however many detours there are in front of you. Best of luck! Peace, love & babies C
  2. lmbtdoula

    Student interview

    Greetings! I am looking for direction. Per a requirement of one of my pre-nursing classes, I need to interview and ADN working in the area I ultimately would like to work also. I would like to interview someone from one of the local L & D departments. My question is how would I go about making contact? Who or What (title) am I asking to speak with to make this request? Thanks so much!
  3. lmbtdoula

    Informational Interview Req

    Hello Nurses, I am a nursing student and have been required to interview a nurse working in my area of preference. I am looking for a l&d nurse in the Raleigh/Durham area who would be willing to meet for an interview in the next week or two. Would love to sweeten the deal for you with a free 60 minute massage at Back Solutions Chiropractic in Chapel Hill. I am NC licensed massage therapist, LMBT, working at Back Solutions. Alternatively, we could meet for coffee or lunch, my treat. If you are available in the next two weeks, please let me know. Or if you know someone who might be willing to help, please pass on my contact info. Thanks so much! Cindra Kerscher, LMBT 6940 919-444-4141
  4. Thank you Vicky. I had considered that this may be required. We shall see. Best C
  5. lmbtdoula

    Florida, Cruiselines, CNA, LPN, RN & Pregnancy Oh my!

    First of all, congrats on your pregnancy!!! Secondly, but no less important, please do yourself and your little one a favor and start chasing your dreams. I am a mother of three teens who put her life pretty much on hold for them. It was great to be home with them, but I would be in a much better financial situation had I kept working and going to school. I'm not saying it will be easy or that you have to work full time, but I know what it feels like to look back over 20 years with regret. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue nursing now. In the end you must do what feels right to you, if you continue it will be challenging, as life always is, but you can do it if you really want to. Best of luck and many blessings for a peaceful pregnancy and birth!
  6. lmbtdoula

    First stop CNA next stop RN

    Happy New Year and Good Luck to everyone embarqing on this path! I cant tell you how excited I am to be starting CNA classes in two weeks! Also working on prereqs for nursing school and working part time as a massage therapist for a chiropractor. Hope I'll survive this semester! I really hope to get a hospital job once I am certified, hoping 7 years of massage and 2 years as a birth doula will help. My son's friend's mom works security for a local hospital and just offered her recommendation when I get around to applying. Hope this will be enough. Just curious, how many of you are using Lippencott's Essentials and how many Mosbys? For those who have already started their CNA programs, anything especially important you think we should know going in? Thanks! And Happy Studying to us all! Cindra
  7. Happy New Year!!! I hope I am posting this in the proper forum. I am a 43 year old massage therapist & birth doula, about to begin my CNA 1 and prereq classes at Durham Tech. My plan/hope is to get my CNA license in June and get a job at UNC, while I continue to pursue nursing school. Eventually, I would like to get either my NP or CNM. I have read a few posts about new CNAs not having much success obtaining a hospital position and am wondering if there is anything I should be doing to make myself a better candidate. I am willing to take a position in any department to get experience. Wondering if I should try voluteering as a doula at UNC (since L & D is a long term goal) or what other advice you may have. Thank you in advance for any reply! Peace, love & babies, Cindra
  8. lmbtdoula

    I didn't even know this existed!

    I am a massage therapist and birth doula in NC, just about to start my pre-nursing and CNA classes. Locally, nurse massage therapists work in birth centers, ob floors, integrative clinics, cancer centers. There are lots of options. Follow your passion and find or create a job that combines both. Peace, Love and Babies