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Hello, I am an LPN of 32yrs ,,, However just diagnosed with Arthritis Last yr and am on tons of medicine, on disability at this time (from my job, not social security disability) Doctor has told me... Read More

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    I am in the same position. Have been an LVN for 17 years and dealing with the same issues. This is all I have known and have RA and am falling into a deep depression. Am told by Dr I need to get on disability. I have thought about starting a group home and letting someone run it. I have also thought about going back and getting a degree in pyschology and do counselling. That would be a career behind a desk.

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    I feel like there is a lot of pressure to work in traditional nursing jobs. I have a shoulder injury after working in direct pt care for over 25 yrs. I am very excited to find other types of work. My biggest reservation about it is being judged by others because I wont be working in hands on care. If you are on a lot of meds and your MD has restricted you from lifting why do you want to continue hurting yourself and potentially hurt a patient?

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